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students review The College Review Series is intended to aid prospective college students in their search by offering insiders’ views of selected colleges and universities, as expressed by current undergraduates or recent graduates who have high academic ability. Note that the number of reviewers is small. Consider their personal perspectives as only one factor as you gather information and impressions from many sources. Our reviewers include 28 individuals, who major(ed) in biology (2), business administration (2), chemistry (1), Chinese (1), comparative government (1), culture & politics (2), economics (3), English (2), government (4), history (1), international business (1), international economics (1), international health (1), international history (2), international politics (2), linguistics (1), nursing (1), philosophy (1), psychology (2), Russian (1), science & technology in international affairs (1), and theater (1). (The number of majors exceeds 28 because some reviewers had double majors.) Reviewers’ comments appear within quotation marks. quality of Academic instruction for undergraduates Founded in 1789, GU is the nation’s oldest Catholic university and remains committed to the Jesuit ideal of educational excellence in service to society. GU includes not only a liberal arts college but also undergraduate schools of Business, Foreign Service, and Nursing. The School of Foreign Service (SFS), the oldest and largest such school in the world, offers an unusual undergraduate education for students interested in international careers in both the public and private sectors. All reviewers praised the education GU offers. „ “i found the professors to be extremely available and interested not only in what i thought about class, but in my life in general. many of my professors really got to know me and took the time to push me to achieve to the best of my abilities. one of gU’s core principles is cura personalis, or ‘care for the entire person.’ students, faculty, and staff strive to support this principle.” „ “the highly integrated core offers students an extensive and diverse knowledge base in the liberal arts and social 44 imagine georgetown university diplomacy, education, or healthcare. the theater program, which was recently rated the #2 undergraduate program in the country outside of nYC, has a particular emphasis on theater for social change—something that distinguishes it from most other theater programs.” social life sciences. all gU students must complete two courses each in history, philosophy, theology, humanities and writing, social science, and math/science. sfs students must also study government, four semesters of economics, and specific courses like map of the modern World. the immediate effect of all these requirements is certainly a bit of disgruntlement among students who think they are smart enough to figure out what they need to learn. however, by the end of sophomore year, most complainers turn into the core’s biggest supporters.” „ “the core is the strong backbone of a georgetown education and is, in my opinion, the absolute strength of gU. i would never have studied economics or theology had i not been forced to do so, and today i am profoundly grateful i was. i spent last year studying abroad with ivy League students, all of whom were really smart and knew a lot about their majors, but not always a lot about other subjects. i’m a government major, yet i was able to have intellectual conversations with history, theology, and economics majors, while they had almost no common intellectual ground with each other.” „ “the school’s commitment to educate leaders in the service of society is evident in many of its academic programs, and not just in predictable fields like „ “gU’s location is superb. We have all the advantages of a city (cultural events, museums, internship opportunities, etc.) without the negatives (dilution of campus social life). the beautiful campus is located in the historic community of georgetown and is a five-minute walk from one of Washington’s nicest commercial areas. safe and attractive, yet within Washington’s city limits, gU feels both intimate and global.” „ “from our location high above the Potomac river, we look out on the Washington monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, and the Kennedy Center. the campus is beautiful, with historic as well as modern architecture and lots of trees and stone walkways. the architecture itself is magnificent; i lived in a castle sophomore year.” „ “housing is designed to make it easy to meet people. all freshmen are housed in four dorms. friends are always stopping by on their way to dinner or back from class.” „ “the university is saturated with student organizations. Whatever your interests— whether politics, journalism, religion, theater, music, dance, or sports—you can probably find a club that meets your needs. if oncampus clubs don’t interest you, perhaps something in Washington will. Within a 10-minute walk, the heart of georgetown offers restaurants, night clubs, movie theaters, shops, art galleries, and much, much more. the Kennedy Center, Washington’s premier performing arts center, is 15 minutes away. the smithsonian institution is 20 minutes away on foot, and even closer if you ride the subway. four years is simply not enough time to enjoy all the attractions that gU and Washington have to offer.” mar/apr 2013

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2013
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In My Own Words
Music to My Ears
Together as One
Circle of Inspiration
Six Strings and a Dream
In Pursuit of Joy
Jazz Studies, Improvised
Music in College
From the Great Wall to the Golden Gate
Sines and Wonders
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My Journey Through the College Admissions Process
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Students Review
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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2013