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Xxxxx xxxxxx Teaching schools how to create and sell their own custom spiritwear. By Roseanna Lazarz, Contributing Writer w hether your local school already has a school store FEEL THE HEAT (PRESS) When adding custom apparel to a school store, the first thing with an apparel shop or is new to the school spiritwear industry, custom screen printed and digital transfers needed to start or expand the school spirit portion of the store is a can help those businesses grow. With custom transfers, school store heat press, transfers and the apparel. Transfers are the images and words you see on shirts, pants, employees can make T-shirts, hoodies and other custom apparel hats, towels and other apparel items. There items on site and even add quick personalare two types of transfers: screen printed ization, such as names and numbers. If you and digital. The type you choose depends are working with a school looking to start on the fabric you are pressing, the look you a store, here's some clear advice to share to want and the number of colors you would ensure success. When first creating the school store, use like to use. You should suggest that school it as a means to gain funds and as an eduspirit stores create mascots, school names, cational tool for students. If the school has and add a class year on T-shirts, hoodies and business classes, such as marketing, manmore using custom transfers. agement, economics and accounting, the Transfers are printed onto release papers store can be a means for students in these that require heat to migrate the image from classes to gain extra experience. the paper to the apparel. These customizTeachers of these classes can recomable transfers are added to clothing items By using custom transfers, school mend that a student apply for a position in with a heat press. This piece of equipment store employees can create their own custom the store. The store could even be a class ensures the transfer is heat applied to the designs and school spirit apparel. project, where student workers receive a apparel at the right time, temperature and grade. Teachers also could make working in the store part of a pressure in an even manner. To heat press items like hats and senior project. However, it's important to remember that each shoes, the decorator will need a platen that accommodates them. school's situation is different and any participation in the school Some platens are curved to fit the material to help the transfers store for a grade must be discussed with the principal. press evenly. When applied correctly, these transfers should last as 38 Impressions | June/July 2014

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Impressions - June/July 2014
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Impressions - June/July 2014