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first impressions THE DEcoraTED apparEl group Editorial Office 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 EDiTorial It's Our Honor g ood things come to those who wait, and we are so glad the wait is over for us to share more industry insights from one of the market's most accomplished screen printers: Andy Anderson of Anderson Studio, Nashville, Tenn. Andy has been a friend of Impressions for decades, having won dozens of Impressions Awards during his career. His company's work in four-color process and simulated process screen printing is exemplary, and his licensed designs for famous music artists are well known throughout the country, if not the world. I recently ran into Andy at the Nashville Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS), where his award-winning Taylor Swift and Keith Urban shirts were on display and garnering lots of attention at the Impressions booth. Humble in his demeanor, he remains one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and is a wealth of screen printing information from his 35 years in the business. So when it came time to do an article on contract screen printing, we knew just who to approach - Andy. In this month's cover feature, he provides vital information for those already established as contract screen printers, as well as those interested in getting into this sector of the marketplace. For Anderson Studio, the transition to contract printing was a good move, but one that was gradually done, Andy says. There are pros and cons to contract printing, with a decent learning curve to boot. His article advises readers on some things upfront that can help boost chances of success. Whether it is contract screen printing or any other kind of apparel decoration at which your shop excels, one thing's for sure: You can get exposure like Andy did years ago by entering industry awards competitions. At our website,, you'll find the rules, categories and entry form for this year's Impressions Awards competition, which will be judged at ISS Fort Worth in September. There are categories for all of the decorating processes and for shops of all sizes. You never know - you might have a winning design sitting in front of you right now! Don't delay sending us your entries, as the deadline is in August. We certainly look forward to meeting the next Andy Andersons of the world! Marcia Derryberry Editor in ChiEf Editor in ChiEf MArciA DerryBerry | (770) 291-5574 SEnior Editor jAMAr LASter | (770) 291-5578 Managing Editor MicHeLLe M. HAVicH | (770) 291-5412 aSSoCiatE Editor LAUreN MitcHeLL Contributing writErS ANDy ANDerSoN, Lee cAroSeLLi-BArNeS, MArk A. coUDrAy, DyLAN DerryBerry, DeBorAH joNeS, roSeANNA LAzArz, jeNNifer MorreLL, jAMeS ortoLANi, ricHArD reiLLy, tHoMAS triMiNGHAM ViCE prESidEnt/ContEnt DoUG HoPe SEnior ViCE prESidEnt joe rANDALL arT art dirECtor WeNDi VAN eLDik | (770) 291-5520 graphiC dESignEr DeNiSe fieLDS | (770) 291-5487 aDvErTising publiShEr LAUrie GoNz | (813) 366-2877 SEnior aCCount ExECutiVE jeANiNe MorGAN | (813) 366-2876 SEnior aCCount ExECutiVE - ClaSSifiEdS DiANe keNNeDy | (770) 291-5519 proDucTion produCtion dirECtor NAN McDoWeLL | (770) 291-5480 produCtion ManagEr terri HiLL | (770) 291-5481 CuStoMEr SErViCE baCk iSSuES | (800) 697-8859 SubSCriptionS | (800) 697-8859 rEprintS and EprintS tHe yGS GroUP ANAStASiA MiNicHiNo | (800) 501-9571 x100 liSt rEntal coNtAct yoUr territory MANAGer or: GreGry GiLroy | (845) 201-5329 SCan thE CodE bElow to SubSCribE! To comment on this editorial or to express your views on other matters, address your e-mail to 4 Impressions | June/July 2014

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Impressions - June/July 2014
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Impressions - June/July 2014