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How creating meaningful content can educate the market to your value. By Mark A. Coudray, Contributing Writer o ne thing has become apparent to me over the years: The vast majority of people who buy decorated apparel have no real idea of what's involved. Not only this, but they think every decorator is the same and the only thing that separates you from the others is your lower price. This is the living deļ¬nition of a commodity, where the market sets the price and sees no discernible difference between suppliers. This may be far from the truth, but it is the market's perception - which is, unfortunately, our reality. As decorators, we're faced with the challenge of letting prospective and actual customers know why we're the most trusted and valuable choice to create their garment graphics. This is no small task. According to the 2013 Nielsen Online Media Trust Survey, consumers today believe an advertiser's message only 13% of the time. Essentially, 87% of our potential customers won't trust the stories we're telling them. What's the best way around this? Fortunately, we aren't the only ones who have faced this dilemma. Advertising copywriters as far back as 100 years ago dealt with the same challenge. After much trial and error, they arrived at several successful approaches. These tactics can be used individually or be combined with others. HERE'S HOW IT'S MADE Everyone loves a story. One of the most famous examples of telling a story to sell a product goes back to the 1920s. At the time, Pabst 44 Impressions | June/July 2014

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Impressions - June/July 2014
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Impressions - June/July 2014