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Screen Printing Production talking SHOP How to Maximize Your Screen Printing Profits Make more money while printing the same number of shirts each time. By Thomas Trimingham, Contributing Writer To increase your profitability, it is important to review sales, art, screen and printing areas for a quick start on retaining profits from the functional process of screen printing. can take advantage of more volume in the future. It is better to refine your process prior to adding more business because an increase in volume doesn't necessarily mean an increase in profit. If a production process is flawed and more orders are pushed through, the company will become less profitable at each increase in demand until it eventually is losing money. The only way to increase profit and make it sustainable is to better systemize current processes first to achieve the best practices in each area so that more work will be organized and set up well. In this manner, maximum profit can be retained from each job. In this article, I will review sales, art, screen and printing areas for a quick start on retaining profits from the functional process of screen printing. You also should consider additional business areas such as accounting, merchandising and billing as critical steps in profit management (this would require another article and can be dependent on your specific system). MORE PROFIT FROM SALES t his may be the most competitive era in the history of printed products. Any customer that wants to get a price quote can go online and, within minutes, have an idea of what a product will cost. However, a smaller, local screen printer is fighting an uphill battle when trying to build a loyal customer base in this type of price-driven environment. Before you can reap more profits from increasing your business, it is important to review your current system so that you Screen printing businesses tend to have diverse and unique approaches toward how they generate and close sales. Since so many companies are grown from the ground up, it makes sense that they slowly develop what works and migrate to the best approaches for their individual sales styles. It is difficult to dictate a best practice because of the dramatic variations, but there are a few specific concepts that always can be considered to help maintain and boost profits: June/July 2014 | Impressions 61

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Impressions - June/July 2014
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Impressions - June/July 2014