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6 SAFETY & STORAGE CABINETS Why Do I Need a Safety Cabinet? One of the leading causes of industrial fires is the improper storage and handling of flammable liquids. Safety cabinets help you safely store fuels, chemicals, and solvents to reduce the risk of fire and protect your people and property. Safety cabinets serve critical functions: * Improve efficiency by locating materials near point-of-use * Improve awareness-high-visibility cabinet color and prominent labeling identify potentially hazardous chemicals * Provide compliance with federal OSHA regulations and the National Fire Protection Association  * Keep dangerous liquids safely organized and segregated * Increase maximum allowable quantities of flammable and combustible liquids in control areas * Ensure safe evacuation time in the event of a fire * Improve security with locking mechanism  Considerations when selecting a safety cabinet * Federal, state, and local compliance requirements * Size and type of container being stored * Capacity needed While regulatory codes do not mandate the specific color for a safety cabinet, industry has customarily observed certain colors for defined liquids. * Type of chemical being stored Yellow for flammable liquids * Security and safety features such as U-Loc™ padlockable handle, SpillSlope® shelves, Haz-Alert™ warning labels, all welded construction Green for pesticides and insecticides Red for paints, inks, and other combustible liquids Silver or neutral colors for laboratory settings Blue for corrosives and hazardous liquids White, beige or gray for waste or outdoor lockers Also look for cabinets that carry independent, third party certification from FM Approvals (FM-approved) or MPA Dresden (GS). These marks signify the cabinet will perform as expected and support property loss prevention. Compliance Each Justrite steel safety cabinet meets at least one or more of the following regulations: * OSHA 1910.106 * International Fire Code (IFC) * National Fire Code of Canada * NFPA Hazardous Materials Code 400 * European EN standard 14470-1 and 14727 Most cabinets are FM approved and all are backed by an industry-first, ten-year warranty. MEETS Flammable Safety Cabinet Door Styles Permits either manual or self-close doors IFC Mandates use of self-close doors only NFPA 400 Mandates use of self-close doors only Contact local jurisdictions for specific requirements. With over 300 models ranging in capacities from 4- to 115-gallons (15- to 435-liters), you can be assured of getting the highest protection, convenience, and durability in a safety cabinet that meets your specific need. If you don't find what you want, ask about our Custom Cabinet Program offering you the ability to design to your own specifications. * NFPA Fire Code 1 FIRE Code NFPA 30 and NFPA 1, 2012 ed Safety expertise since 1906 * National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Flammable Liquid Code 30 CODES Regulations do, however, specify construction details and the type of door style required Use safety cabinets to keep your people and facility safe from a devastating fire. Get details on regulations, our cabinets and other products-visit our website to request a copy of our popular RedBook™... Your Guide to Handling Flammable Liquids Safely. See page 2 for Approval and Compliance Key justritemfg.com http://www.justritemfg.com

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