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SPILL CONTROL & ENVIRONMENTAL Why Do I Need Spill Containment? Hazardous leaks and spills are a relentless challenge. Slippery floors indoors can lead to a fall accident with associated costs anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 for more severe lost time accidents. In addition to the damaging effects to our environment, EPA fines for contamination of our outdoors can be staggering, into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. By using Justrite spill control products, accidents and costly fines can be easily avoided. Good spill containment practices offer these benefits: * Keeps personnel and the environment protected * Enhances your safety program, raises employee awareness * Supports corporate and government sustainability initiatives * Saves money by reclaiming spilled liquids * Improves your company image-shows your commitment to employees and the environment * Increases efficiencies by keeping materials organized * Complies to laws and avoids fines-meets or supports EPA and SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) regulations Flexible containment Structured containment Flexible containment products are typically made of durable PVC coated fabric which folds down and stores compactly for easy portability and emergency use. They can be used indoors and out and capture anything from small leaks and drips to large-scale spills up to 5,860 gallons (22,187 liters). Patented Rigid-Lock QuickBerms® feature vehicle drive-in, drive-out capability, and offer fast, one-piece set up. Structured containment products are typically used indoors to safely store drums of hazardous liquids. For outdoor use, weather-resistant sheds equipped with leakproof sumps safely store drums or IBC's. Most are constructed of rigid, durable EcoPolyBlend™ recycled content, making them twice as good for the environment. Sump capacities as high as 372 gallons (1,408 liters) prevent groundwater contamination-and recycled content saves on oil, electricity, and landfill space. Rigid-Lock QuickBerms® Decon QuickBerms® Rigid-Lock QuickBerms® Lite Maintenance Spill Berms Accumulation Centers Spill Control Pallets Spill Trays Drum Caddy Ceilng Leak Diverters Pop-up Pools Drum Management Systems Mini-Berm Flex Trays Water-Filled Boom Diverters justritemfg.com Collection Centers and Funnels Outdoor Sheds or Pallets for IBC's Drum Sheds Drip Pads Water-Filled Drain Covers Steel Spill Pallets Overpack/ Salvage Drum Aerosolv™ Systems 75 http://www.justritemfg.com

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