Best of KBIS - 2019 Awards Showcase - 10



Docking Drawer outlets are patented and simple-to-specify offering a reliable way to add movable
drawer outlets safely, while keeping your spaces organized. And now, Docking Drawer has taken the
next step, creating the Style Drawer Vertical Organizer. It comes in two sizes: The Style Drawer 24
Vertical Organizer for 24" deep cabinets and the Style Drawer 21 Vertical Organizer for 21" deep base
cabinets. Helping to conveniently organize the essential bathroom accessories and styling tools while
also providing an outlet to power them, these cabinets offer the safety features Docking Drawer has
become known for. The Style Drawer Vertical Organizer features an interlocking UL Listed thermostat
that automatically cuts power to the outlet in the event that the surrounding temperature exceeds 120˚F.
By incorporating unique interlocking patented safety features specific to the type of outlet being used
by the customer, we provide the greatest possible level of safety. In addition to thermostats, all of our
in-drawer outlets have proof of product compliance based on the electrical certification. These outlets
comply with all building codes, passing both home and building inspections, and are tested for safety
as well as wear and tear by an independent testing laboratory. The Style Drawer Vertical Organizer has
received safety standard certifications including UL962a & CSA22.2.



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