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systems. The division is not afraid to get into the details and
problem solve--it's nice to know our voices have been heard. I
also work with the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association, and
once again, the leadership at the division is helping to address
members' concerns and further the industry. They've worked
with these permit holders to ensure their needs are met with
their Wholesale accounts. It's been a needed change that our
members are thrilled to see."
Andrew W. Herf,
President, Shumaker Advisors

which gives them insight into best
practices. They've brought some
suggestions to me, such as selling 50
ml bottles, and we worked through
the necessary processes to bring
that to fruition. Now, we offer 58
different products in the 50 ml size,
which benefits our business and
allows customers to sample smaller
sizes before buying larger bottles or
purchasing just the right amount for
their specialty cocktails.
On a national level, we've worked
hard to keep the lines of communication open with our industry
partners to ensure we can work
hand-in-hand to keep the business
running smoothly. Leadership from
both the Distilled Spirits Council
of the United States and NABCA's
Industry Advisory Committee have
been in contact with me and my
team to work out issues relating to

our Liquor Modernization Project
last year and inventory levels. By
doing this, we were able to see how
we could make changes to help their
members. As a result, they gained an
understanding from our perspective
into out-of-stock products and managing what Ohio needs.
These are just a few examples
of our many association partnerships. It takes a team. The division
can't execute all the great programs
we have, nor could we create new
programs, without the help of our
partners. Without everyone working
together, the Ohio Liquor Enterprise
wouldn't be where it is today. I,
for one, look forward to continuing
building these relationships and
working to bring our consumers
fresh and exciting experiences.
-James Canepa,

"Jim has been very supportive of the Distiller's Guild and
instrumental in helping us achieve what we want to as a
group. He's adamant about finding ways to support small
business in Ohio. It's been the kind of partnership where we
can sit down and share our biggest pain points, and since he
and his team understand the laws and regulations a lot better
than we do, they can look at legal framework and talk through
different options to help us. We know we're not the largest
volume player in the state, so we really appreciate the time
and energy they're willing to spend on us. It's a unique and
valuable partnership for that reason."
Greg Lehman,
Co-founder/Distiller, Watershed Distillery,
Ohio Distiller's Guild

"Our relationship with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control has
been very productive with Jim Canepa at the helm. The
division's culture has shifted to become open and
transparent, which has set the stage for a strong working
relationship with our council. They're proactive and have a
desire to put consumers first."
David Wojnar,
Vice President, State Government Relations,
Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

"The question posed to me is 'What is your experience
partnering with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control and
Superintendent Canepa?' One word in that question sums
up my experience with Superintendent Canepa and that word
is "partnering." When Superintendent Canepa says 'His door
is always open' or 'Please feel free to reach out anytime,' he
means it! Since he has become superintendent of the
Division of Liquor Control, Mr. Canepa has always been very
approachable and willing to allow all interested parties the
opportunity to express a variety of opinions and points of
view. Another one of the things I have appreciated most
about my experiences with Superintendent Canepa is his
talent for expressing clearly and succinctly his point of view
on a topic. Whether individual views align or not, people
know where this superintendent stands on any given issue.
Lastly, he's mindful of past principles and practices that built
the DOLC, but he is also looking to the future. He is
interested in learning about best practices in other Control
States either through interaction with other Control States
leadership, the NABCA, industry members, brokers and
agency store operators. If any of these shared best practices
make sense for the DOLC, he is willing to be the driving force
to see that they get implemented in order to improve the
shopping experience for the consumers of Ohio."
Rick Przebieda,
Industry Advisory Committee, National Alcohol Beverage
Control Association



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