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Retirement Q&A
With retirement comes many questions. Luckily, our experts are ready to help you with your journey.

Q: What type of financial planner
should you be working with?
A: When first starting off you want
an accumulation advisor focused
on growth; however, when you
transition to retirement, you should
work with an advisor that specializes
in lifetime income and preservation.
Creating a comprehensive financial
plan to include your income, taxes,
health care, investments and legacy
planning is imperative.
Patrick Ayers, President/CEO
Ayers Financial Services

Q: What's the right age to move to
a retirement community?
A: The ideal time is when you are
active, healthy and can take full
advantage of community benefits.
For many that's in your mid-70s.
Without homeowner responsibilities
you can focus on whatever it is that
means the most to you. The world
gets bigger, not smaller.
Rodney Alderfer, President
Bridgewater Retirement

Q: What should I consider when
choosing a Home Care provider?
A: First, consider the type of
services that are needed at home.
If your illness is short-term and
your goal is to return to your prior
level of function before becoming
ill, home health services may
meet your needs. If your medical
condition challenges a return to
your prior level of function or if
your illness is serious or complex,

consider your overall goals of care.
What is most important ... cure or
comfort? If you are facing a serious,
life-limiting condition, palliative
or hospice services may be most
comfortable for you.
Lisa Sprinkle, M.S.N, R.N.,
Senior Director
Carilion Clinic Home Care
and Hospice

Q: Can a smart home with home
automation really save me
A:  The smart home revolution is
here, and not only is it making our
lives simpler, it's also saving time,
money and energy. Between motion
sensors, remote control centers and
smart power strips you can create a
more energy-efficient home, which
means cost savings for you.
Stephanie Morris,
Cox Communications - Direct Sales,

Q: How do I avoid hiring a "rogue
A: An unlicensed mover, is a "rogue
mover." In order to load a For Hire
truck, a local mover needs to be
certified by the DMV. And to carry
household goods across a state line,
they need a federal MC number. To
validate a VA mover's credentials,
go online to or to verify
interstate credentials go to fmcsa.
Linda Balentine, President
Crowning Touch Senior Moving

Q: What are the most important
things to ask while looking for
senior living?
A: Make sure to ask about what is
included in the monthly rent. It varies
as each community has unique things
that they offer. At Elm Park Estates,
we include about everything you
could want! We provide three meals a
day, scheduled transportation, GPSenabled safety pendant, cable, weekly
housekeeping, daily activities, monthly
entertainment and pets are welcome! 
Jessica Pollack
Elm Park Estates

Q: Is my home the best option to
continue an active social life in
A: Remaining in your home can result
in isolation and loneliness, which are
associated with increased mortality
in older adults. Communities, like
Friendship, provide the freedom to
live life how you choose and with
more time to do so, since daily
details are taken care of for you.
Stephanie Landes, CFRE

Q: When is the Annual Enrollment
Period for Medicare Recipients to make
changes to their healthcare plans?
A: The Annual Enrollment Period
for Medicare recipients is October
15th-December 7th. There are
some Special Enrollment Periods
throughout the rest of the year for
people with special circumstances.
Billie Hudson
Humana Marketpoint

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