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Q: How Do Entrance Fees Work at
Kendal at Lexington?
A: Residents enter into a Residence
and Care Agreement (contract)
with Kendal at Lexington by paying
a one-time entry fee and ongoing
monthly fees that cover a residence,
services and amenities and a
comprehensive package of health
care services including long-term
Jessica Buhler
Kendal at Lexington

Q: Are all senior living nursing
centers institutional?
A: Many nursing homes look and
feel more like a hospital than a
home. Richfield Living has adopted
the Household Model of Care
that began with a simulation on
Mountain View Lane. This residentcentered care builds around 19-21
residents with private rooms. The
teams stay within the home to build
family like relationships with the
residents. Soon, Richfield will tear
down the current building to create
this model for more residents.
George Child
President and CEO
Richfield Living

Q:  Are you considering a
retirement community setting
for a loved one who needs extra
A: We advise doing following when
researching: (1) Visit multiple
communities. (2) Request a tour
and anticipate spending 1-2 hours
with the admissions staff. (3) Get
to know the management team and
multiple residents. (4) Ask about the
community's financial stability. (5)
Learn about the community's care
offerings. (6) Participate in the life
of the community: attend an activity
or enjoy a meal.

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For more advice, contact Brent Poff,
Administrator at Salem Terrace of
Brent Poff
Salem Terrace at Harrogate
Salem, VA 24153

Q: Is Scott Hill an Assisted Living
A: Scott Hill is not an assisted living
community, rather an Independent
Retirement Community offering
spacious apartments for individuals
who are at the Pinnacle of their life. 
Rent is based on income making Scott
Hill a quality and affordable choice. 
Sheena Jackson
Scott Hill Retirement Community

Q: What options are available for
Cremation Burial?
A: You may be interred in a regular
burial space, Sherwood allows up to
two cremation burials or a full burial
and a cremation burial in each space.
Niches come with stone or glass
fronts and allow you to be creative
when honoring your loved one!
Susan Mini, President/CEO
Sherwood Memorial Park

Q: How long can I stay in my home?
A: Do you want to stay in your
home? Then stay! We can help
you by assessing your home and
making modifications so that your
home environment is safer, more
accessible and meets your changing
needs. Small changes can often
make a big difference!
Chris Moore CAPS, CEAC, CGR,
Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc.
Senior Remodeling Experts

Q: I've been hearing a lot about
Warm Hearth being the state's
first Dementia Friendly Business. 
What does this mean?
A: Warm Hearth partnered with
Dementia Friends and Leading Age
Virginia to create a plan and train
our employees, residents, family
and community stakeholders about
the challenges faced by seniors
with Dementia. We offer monthly
training on our campus and we
are reaching out to the business
community in hopes of helping
individuals understand how to
recognize the signs of Dementia,
how to offer assistance and how
to refer seniors and their families
to local community resources that
will help them remain safe and
Marie Swink
Warm Hearth Village

Q: Why is lifelong learning
important during your senior
A: Learning a new skill or topic
allows our brain to work in
different ways and protects our
cognitive health. That's why lifelong
learning programs, like our RUI
University, are designed to provide
intellectual engagement and social
connection to our residents and
visitors. Established in 2017, RUI
University offers semester-based
courses through partnerships with
universities, colleges and museums
by coupling lectures, outings and
hands on activities.
Mary-Katelyn Hovanic,
RUI University Academic
Retirement Unlimited, Inc/
Woodland Hills Community

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