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is produced using ocean water found
3,000 feet below the surface and comes
in a bottle as blue as te Maui waters that
inspired it.
Double Cross ($36.99). The
rectangular bottle is made from French
crystal, which is laser-engraved with
the double cross logo and calligraphy
representing 18th-century Slovakian
poetry. Made in small batches, this
vodka is made from winter wheat and
spring water sourced from 200-feet
deep in Slovakia's Tatra mountains.
360 ($24.99).This is the world's first
eco-friendly premium vodka, which
has won awards both for its taste and
packaging. 360 comes in a simple,
transparent bottle with clean lines and a
swing-top closure. Their "close the loop"
program allows you to send back the
closure for reuse-when you do, they'll
make a donation to a local charity.

Opihr Oriental Spiced ($34.99). The
exotic bottle is squat and rounded,
decorated with a pair of ornate
elephants, a fez-like cap and a red
tassel around the neck. This London
Dry Gin is produced with Indonesian
cubeb berries, Moroccan coriander and
Indian Tellicherry black pepper.
Gunpowder ($42.99).
Made with a wide range
of unusual botanicals,
including powdered
green tea, this Irish
gin comes in a pleated
pale-blue bottle.
The retro label is
decorated with Chinese
pictographs and a


Remy Martin XO Excellence
($199.99). This is a true luxury cognac
with packaging to match. The circular
bottle is made from ornate cut glass
with a sophisticated gold label. The
design is simple, chic and classic.
Martell XO Cordon Supreme
($199.99). This is a bold, robust cognac
with an equally eye-catching design.
The clear textured bottle is arched at
the bottom and has a majestic silver
neck. The flavor profile is lightly fruity
with a touch of spice.

Broker's ($21.99). The Broker's label
was designed in the style of a 1930s
newspaper ad, and the bottle has a
distinctly British feel-in fact, a little
black bowler hat tops off the bottle.
Broker's is a London Dry Gin that uses
a 200-year-old recipe.
The Botanist Islay Dry Gin ($40).
The design is sleek and stylish with a
discreet silver label and elegant raised
lettering on the bottle. Hailing from
the Scottish Isle of Islay, this gin is
made from 22 botanicals foraged on the


D'Ussé VSOP ($59.99). This cognac
has no label, but rather a gold
double-barred Cross of Lorraine,
which represents courage, honor and
perseverance. Aged for more than four
years, itdevelops a woody nose with a
taste of cinnamon, honey and apricot.
Kelt XO ($197.79). The decanterstyle bottle has a wide rounded base
and a long graceful neck. Winner of a
platinum medal at the International
Wine and Spirits Competition, Kelt XO
is smooth, refined and complex.

Tin Cup Whiskey ($59.99). This high
rye whiskey comes in a hexagonal
bottle with raised lettering and no
paper label, except for a thin shawl at
the base of the neck. Tin Cup refers to
the lid, which doubles as a shot glass.
John J. Bowman
($49.99). The bottle has a
wood-topped cork sealed
with an old-fashioned
federal tax strip. If you
look through the bottle
and caramel-colored
bourbon, you'll see a
sketch of Col. John
Bowman, first military
governor of Kentucky.
World's Best Bourbon in
2017, this is a single-barrel Virginia
whiskey made to honor the great-greatuncle of Abram Bowman, who founded
the distillery.




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