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We're Open for You
Virginia ABC stores are open seven days a week, nearly every
day of the year. Check with your local store for specific hours
of operation and for information on curbside delivery. Stores
close Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Shop online anytime and opt for convenient curbside pickup
and same-day delivery where available. Shoppers in select
Richmond, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia locations
can enjoy home shipping of their purchases.
Visit Virginia ABC on the Web
Virginia ABC has expanded its social media presence with its
Spirited Virginia brand. Check out and follow Spirited Virginia
on Facebook and Instagram. Virginia ABC's website-ABC.
Virginia.gov-features cocktail recipes and entertaining
ideas, and enables online ordering for both licensee and retail
customers. The mobile-friendly website also offers directions
to store locations, product selection and other information.
No Underage Sales
Virginia ABC is proud of its nearly perfect (99.12 percent) record
of not selling to underage persons! In accordance with Virginia
law, ABC employees are prohibited from selling to individuals
younger than 21. To ensure alcohol is not sold to anyone
underage, ABC store staff request identification from customers
who look younger than 30.
How Do Products Appear on Store Shelves?
Vendors of distilled spirits and related products make
presentations to Virginia ABC quarterly. ABC's decision to
list a new product is based on criteria that include trends,
category needs, sales history in other states, brand strength
and recognition, packaging and appearance, special order
demand, customer requests, price and promotional support.
Additional consideration may be given to products that are
made or distilled in the Commonwealth of Virginia or that
have been awarded the distinction of " Virginia's Finest " by the
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
After a product is approved, it is distributed to a selection of
ABC stores for sale the following quarter.
Importing/Transporting Personal Alcohol
No more than one gallon of alcoholic beverages (or the metric
equivalent) may be brought into Virginia from outside the
commonwealth except for shipments to Virginia ABC, its licensees
or new residents holding special permits. This includes military
personnel returning from overseas, new Virginia residents moving
into the state and Virginia citizens returning from vacation outside
of the commonwealth. Violations may result in fines up to $500
and a year in jail. In addition, the vehicle used to transport the
alcohol may be impounded and confiscated.
The Cost of a Bottle
Manufacturers and vendors establish the base cost of a distilled
spirit product. Federal tax is added before Virginia ABC calculates
the retail price (determined by size and proof) and the applicable
state liquor excise tax of 20 percent. Standard sales tax is
charged at the point of sale. The pricing process is different
for wines, mixers and other products.
Supporting All Virginia Citizens
Virginia ABC is a leading revenue producer for the commonwealth
and a source of future economic growth and innovation for
the state. The profits that Virginia ABC contributes-collected
from sales of distilled spirits at ABC stores, taxes collected on
beer and wine sales, violation penalties and license fees-
provide much needed funding for use in programs across all
secretariats, thus benefiting citizens in all areas of the state
whether they choose to drink or not. Since its establishment
in 1934, Virginia ABC has contributed more than $9.9 billion to
the commonwealth's general fund to support state services,
including substance abuse, prevention and treatment.
Alcohol Prevention and Education Initiatives
Virginia ABC leads the commonwealth in alcohol prevention and
public education initiatives by offering training and materials
for use by licensed establishments, community groups and
parents around the state. The authority further empowers
Virginia citizens by developing partnerships, conducting
speaking engagements and presenting programs that promote
the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages to those
of age and zero tolerance to those underage. Programming
highlights the dangers of alcohol misuse and hazardous
behaviors. In addition, Virginia ABC provides thousands of
dollars in grant funding to enhance community coalitions
and initiatives.


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