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As an Agent, I am positioned as a resource
and an advocate for my clients. Remember,
if you ever need additional assistance when
it comes to serving Humana clients, you can
always reach out to me.
E. Lynn Atkinson,
Independent Agent/Broker
540-685-3817 (C), 540-520-8414 (O)

Q: How Do Entrance Fees Work at Kendal at
A: Residents enter into a Residence and
Care Agreement (contract) with Kendal at
Lexington by paying a one-time entry fee and
ongoing monthly fees that cover a residence,
services and amenities and a comprehensive
package of health care services including
long-term care.
Jessica Buhler
Kendal at Lexington

Q: How can seniors stay healthy during
A: Being mentally and physically active is the
key to avoiding decline. Puzzles, card games,
music, and activities on the computer are great
ways to combat mental fatigue. Gardening,
light housework, and simple exercises while
sitting in a chair can keep seniors physically
active without any public exposure. Here at Our
Lady of the Valley, we have encouraged lots of
phone calls and virtual visits with friends and
family so that our seniors still feel connected.
Additionally, we have a unique resource in
our full-time Pastoral Counselor who has
been checking in on residents to ensure their
spiritual needs are met.
Jackie Holton, LPN, ALFA, CDP
Our Lady of the Valley

Q: What does a full continuum of care mean?
A: Many people desire to move to a retirement
community that offers the full continuum
of care. Campuses like Richfield Living have
options along the continuum of care including
independent living, assisted living, memory
care, rehab and skilled nursing or longterm care. The various levels of care provide
living opportunities that meet all the needs
an individual may have until the end of life. 
Someone may start out living independently
in an apartment on the Richfield campus. The
husband or wife may need additional care
and can live at Richfield in assisted living or
get temporary rehabilitation. The journey is
different for everyone so an offering of all
stages of care is the optimum.
Lisa Clause,
Senior Director of Marketing
and Philanthropy, Richfield Living

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Q:  Are you considering a retirement
community setting for a loved one who
needs extra assistance?
A:  We advise doing the following when
researching: (1) Visit multiple communities
(2) Request a tour and anticipate spending
1-2 hours with the admissions staff (3) Get to
know the management team (4) Ask about
the community's financial stability (5) Learn
about the community's care offerings (6) Ask
about infection control plans and how the
community is protecting its residents and
staff while balancing connection with family
members and loved ones.
For more advice, contact Brent Poff,
Administrator at Salem Terrace of Harrogate.
Brent Poff, Administrator
Salem Terrace at Harrogate

Q: Is Scott Hill an Assisted Living Facility?
A: Scott Hill is not an assisted living
community, rather an Independent Retirement
Community offering spacious apartments for
individuals who are at the Pinnacle of their
life. Rent is based on income making Scott Hill
a quality and affordable choice. 
Sheena Jackson
Scott Hill Retirement Community

Q: What options are available for Cremation
A: You may be interred in a regular burial
space, Sherwood allows up to two cremation
burials or a full burial and a cremation burial
in each space. Niches come with stone or
glass fronts and allow you to be creative when
honoring your loved one!
Susan Mini, President/CEO
Sherwood Memorial Park

Q: What innovative strategies has Sunnyside
implemented to keep residents physically active
and engaged during the COVID-19 Pandemic? 
A: Sunnyside quickly recognized the critical
importance of safely continuing to offer
fitness and life enrichment opportunities.
We began offering live broadcasts of fitness
classes utilizing the same resistance
exercise bands that were freely provided to
each resident. Later, we relocated fitness
classes, cardio equipment and a self-guided
strength training circuit to our outdoor
pavilion where infection control measures
are strictly regulated. We encouraged goal
setting and goal sharing which helps build
motivation through accountability. Our
residents are reminded that during a time

when stress and anxiety are at all-time highs
for many, maintaining a fitness routine can
provide countless benefits.
Annie Shaffer,
Wellness Director
Sunnyside Communities

Q: Is Warm Hearth Village still accepting
admissions and new residents with all that's
going on with COVID-19?
A: We are still here for you! In the face of
COVID-19, Warm Hearth Village is working
hard to maintain a safe environment for our
residents and employees. With stringent
precautions in place and extra love and
care, we are accepting admissions and new
residents. Things may be different, but our
commitment to seniors in our community
remains the same.
Tambra Dixon
Warm Hearth Village

Q: Why is lifelong learning important during
your senior years?
A: Learning a new skill or topic allows our
brain to work in different ways and protects
our cognitive health. That's why lifelong
learning programs, like our RUI University,
are designed to provide intellectual
engagement and social connection to
our residents and visitors. Established
in 2017, RUI University offers semesterbased courses through partnerships with
universities, colleges and museums by
coupling lectures, outings and hands-on
Mary-Katelyn Hansford,
RUI University Academic Administrator
Retirement Unlimited, Inc/
Woodland Hills Community

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