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Q: Is my home the best option to continue an
active social life in retirement?
A: Remaining in your home can often be
costly due to renovations that need to be
made in order to age in place. It can also
lead to isolation and loneliness, which many
are experiencing, especially during this
Coronavirus pandemic. When you move to
Friendship, you have more freedom as the daily
details are taken care of for you. You also have
a caring, supportive and award-winning team
that enjoys life with you, and is always looking
out for your best interests and well-being, so
you can live life how you choose!
Stephanie Landes, CFRE
Q: My neighbor was the victim of a scam
and lost several hundred dollars. I want to
help her, but she is embarrassed that she
" fell " for this scam and did not want to file a
report with any authorities. How can I help?
Q: I want a senior living solution for my
parents where I know they will be loved
and given excellent care. How do I find the
perfect fit?
A: Our founder says it best, " When we say
" Family Serving Families, " it's not hyperbole.
Harmony is truly a family business inside and
out. In fact, four of my own family members
have been Harmony residents, including both
of my parents. Within the first week of
experiencing life at Harmony, a life free of
burdensome house maintenance, daily meal
preparation, frequent trips to town, and the
other challenges of later life, my parents
were relieved. More so, my Mom was actually
angry that we'd taken so long to get them
into Harmony. My family created Harmony
to serve families like yours. We built it. We
have lived in it. We believe in it. We truly are a
family, serving families. And we look forward
to welcoming and serving your family. "
-James R. Smith
Harmony Senior Services
540.613.1290 Assisted Living
540.613.8746 Independent Living
540.685.0525 Memory Care
Tell your clients it's okay to ask for help. Being
the victim of a scam can be embarrassing and
cause shame, which can prevent many people
from seeking help. Empower your clients to
seek help. Be empathetic, listen to them and
help connect them with resources. Their first
step should be reporting the scam to the
authorities. If your clients are unsure about
which government agency to report to, start
with the police. If the scam involved a specific
card or ID, report it to that organization. For
example, if the scam involved the client's
Social Security number, report it to the Social
Security Administration. If it involved their
Medicare ID number, report it to the Centers
for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Remind
them that reporting the scam helps to prevent
future victims.
As an Agent, I am positioned as a resource
and an advocate for my clients. Remember,
if you ever need additional assistance when
it comes to serving Humana clients, you can
always reach out to me.
E. Lynn Atkinson,
Independent Agent/Broker
540-685-3817 (C)
Q: As I plan for retirement, I will need to sell
my home. Where do I start?
For an easy transition to your new home, I can help!
A: Beginning the process of selling your
home can be challenging and stressful.
It's important to know what you should
and shouldn't do in terms of preparing for
a sale. Some maintenance items will need
to be addressed, but many improvements
can be left to new homeowners choices
and personal preferences. I offer a no
commitment assessment of homes and
advise the owner how to be spend their
dollars in preparation for the sale of their
home. It is a big part of your retirement
strategy and having a knowledgeable
REALTOR is important.
SOLD over 45 million since 2016.
Rick Payne
MKB Realtors
Impeccable Service, Remarkable Results!
Q: What is unique about Our Lady of the
Valley's Memory Care Program?
Q: How Do Entrance Fees Work at Kendal at
A: Residents enter into a Residence and
Care Agreement (contract) with Kendal at
Lexington by paying a one-time entry fee and
ongoing monthly fees that cover a residence,
services and amenities and a comprehensive
package of health care services including
long-term care.
Jessica Buhler
Kendal at Lexington
Q: When is the Annual Enrollment Period
for Medicare Recipients to make changes to
their healthcare plans?
A: The Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare
recipients is October 15th-December 7th.
There are some Special Enrollment Periods
throughout the rest of the year for people
with special circumstances.
Billie Hodson
Humana Marketpoint
A: At Our Lady of the Valley, our Reflections
Memory Care Program enhances resident
engagement, provides opportunities for
success, and builds positive relationships
with residents, families and caregivers.
The Reflections Daily Fare programming
at Our Lady of the Valley includes
the latest therapeutic approaches
to increase independence and improve current
abilities, leaving residents feeling
accomplished and fulfilled. Also, something
unique about Our Lady of the Valley's
Memory Care Program is that we are the only
memory care facility in the Roanoke area
that has a certified Opening Minds through
Art (OMA) facilitator. Through creative arts
activities, OMA provides residents with
choices to promote decision-making, which
reminds them that their opinions matter.
OMA is designed to promote social wellbeing
and celebrate individuality while
providing the gift of self-expression.
Jackie Holton, LPN, ALFA, CDP
Our Lady of the Valley
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