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R THE PERFECT WEEKEND Brent Cochran at the River Rock Climbing Wall in Roanoke: "Late spring on the New River is hard to beat." Brent Cochran, Owner, River Rock Climbing A young man's ideal weekend changes when he becomes a family man. IT ISN'T SURPRISING that Brent Cochran likes the outdoors. His company, River Rock Climbing brings the excitement of climbing a mountain inside. But many would be surprised that his perfect weekend isn't what it was just a few years ago. Or a few months ago, for that matter. Back then, he'd be happy to get away from it all, camp in the wilds of America's Northwest near where he attended grad school. Climb a mountain, race down a path at break-neck speed on a bike. It would have been a weekend of excitement, fueled by adrenaline. His perfect weekend still has many of those 66 MARCH/APRIL 2014 excitements. Just scaled back. You see, where he would once stay up all night to arrive at the base of a mountain or the head of a trail, his nights are now spent with women. Actually one woman - his wife Meghan - and their daughter, Estella. Any parent can tell you that the addition of a sixmonth-old little girl changes a man. Changes what is important. So, given a weekend free of any constraint (other than time), Cochran chooses not to waste any of that time and get outside around here. Depending on the season, he heads to the beach or mountains. Ocracoke on North Carolina's Outer Banks is a good place to start. The surf is pretty good for the East Coast. Family, wine and a campfire on the beach make for memorable times. If the seasons call for a trip to the mountains, the Canaan Valley in West Virginia or Grayson Highlands are perfect. A bit of mountain biking and floating down a river. "Late spring on the New River is hard to beat", says Cochran. Sunday night, returns home to Roanoke. After a hot shower, dinner at Local Roots with cold drinks, good food. And, of course, his young family. -DAVID HUNGATE THE R OANOKER.COM http://www.THEROANOKER.COM

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Roanoker - March 2014
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The Roanoker - March 2014