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Not just skin deep – Part two Here’s the second installment of the Delphi Product & Service Solutions picture guide to radiator cosmetics. It will help you inspect your new product right out of the box and shows what is acceptable and what should be rejected for use. Radiators are more fragile than other underhood parts. Although suppliers take the strictest precautions when manufacturing, some surface imperfections are normal. Damaged reinforcement Flux residue - Contamination Reject: Any angled air center that is not located next to a reinforcement. This is generated by a bad adjustment in the machine. Damaged air centers Accept: Air centers not stretched. Accept: Any reinforcement with less than 3mm damage. Accept: Fewer than 10 consecutive damaged convolutions or from center to center. Reject: Burned flux residue and crumbs of burned flux in the air center and tubes. Angled air centers Reject: Any reinforcement with more than 3mm damage. This usually happens because of bad material handling of damaged braze frame. Accept: Any air center next to the reinforcement and the tube has no contact with the reinforcement. 16 ACTION • March / April 2012 Reject: Ten or more consecutive damaged convolutions or from center to center. This issue is generated by bad material handling or damage during assembly.

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ACtion Magazine - March/April 2012
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ACtion Magazine - March/April 2012