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Action required: check your tanks! In mid-December, Neutronics Inc. issued an urgent “Statement of Action” to all industries using R-134a refrigerant. The company “urgently advises that all industries using R-134a refrigerant immediately test all cylinders thought to be virgin R-134a (including new 30 lb. cylinders),” by using a Neutronics Ultima ID DX or HV series refrigerant identifier. It has been reported that cylinders containing contaminated refrigerant are marked as “R-134a” and some have counterfeit name-brand company labeling. This contaminated refrigerant cannot be identified using standard pressure and temperature measurements of the cylinder. Any cylinder that is “failed” by the identifier or found to contain 100% R-134a with any “Air” or “Non” (noncompressable gas) should be isolated. Much of the contaminated R-134a refrigerant has been shown to contain significant quantities of R-40 (aka methyl chloride or chloromethane), a chemical that is extremely toxic, and flammable. It is highly reactive when exposed to aluminum and forms a third, highly volatile compound. The vast majority of Neutronics-manufactured refrigerant identifiers are configured for the detection of R-134a, R-12, R-22 and hydrocarbons. It is important to note that the only acceptable readings on Neutronics Ultima ID DX or HV series identifiers for a “virgin” R-134a cylinder are: R-134a, 100%; R-12, 0.0%; R-22, 0.0%; HC 0.0%; and Air/Non 0.0%. Neutronics had been engaged by the shipping industry to assist with a R-134a refrigerant contamination problem that reportedly resulted in several deaths and a significant business interruption. During that investigation it was discovered that refrigerant contamination was not isolated to a single industry. It is critical to note that R-40 is a harmful and dangerous material, and not suited for use in R-134a refrigeration air conditioning systems. In one instance it was reported that “thousands” of 30 lb. R-134a refrigerant cylinders were found to be counterfeits of a name-brand product. Still other containers of apparently-virgin R-134a have been found to contain large quantities of R-22 and R-12. A reference chart on the Neutronics website provides more details, and additional information is available by calling 1-800-378-2287. DuPont to use new security labels. Noting that “counterfeit refrigerants pose a global threat, could be unsafe for use, and could pose quality issues for your business…” and even more significantly may threaten loss of life, DuPont has begun a new anti-counterfeiting initiative targeted at “stopping counterfeiters in their tracks.” The program is multi-faceted and will use many technologies to guarantee the integrity of their product and brand name. The company is expanding the program globally throughout 2012, and all packaging operations globally will ultimately use the new security label. The new label, called “Izon,”enables the purchaser or user to quickly verify that the product is genuine. The security label offers immediate visual verification; just count the dots. But the ten dots on the label cannot be viewed at the same time – to ensure that the container is genuine, tilt the security label to view one dot on the left edge, two on the right, three on the top, and four on the bottom. Dots should appear and disappear on each side of the security label as it is tilted. DuPont developed and patented this label and reminds customers that this is not a simple foil hologram; if the dots don’t appear and vanish as you change angle, be suspicious. Babcox Media buys AVI Reader Reply No. 48 20 ACTION • March / April 2012 Babcox Media Inc. has announced its acquisition of Automotive Video Inc. (AVI), effective Jan. 1, 2012. The company said that

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