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Trying to cover all or most of the sessions for ACTION poses the same challenge. Our small staff can’t be everywhere, so as always we called in some industry friends to bring you the overview of what you missed. You already know these folks, or at least their bylines and stories, T he MACS Convention gets busier every year, and the twenty-plus sessions offered over three days challenged attendees to pick their topics carefully. It was impossible to attend everything and many left wishing they could have attended more classes. and we’re honored to have them writing for us. This year our correspondents include Andrew Ross, editor and publisher of Canada’s Jobber News; Jacques Gordon, editor of Professional Tool & Equipment News and Professional Distributor; Bob Chabot, principal of ManicMedia LLC, a provider of automotive publishing and editorial services, newcomer Scott “Gonzo” Weaver whose columns appear in many Babcox Publications. Paul Weissler’s Trade Show coverage will appear in our May issue. MACS members can view many of the class presentations at Wednesday It’s a different world we live in This may have been the first year at a MACS convention for Rick Burgard, but it’s not his first time as an instructor, and his “HVAC Control Systems Operation and Diagnostics” showed his talent. Rick has over 20 years of background in a classroom, and there’s no doubt that his experience as an instructor with AC Delco and GM makes an interesting and informative class. Class participation is a part of his teaching method—be the first to answer the question correctly and you just might take home a door prize. Once the class got the idea, everyone wanted to shout out an answer and be part of the session. It kept everyone interested and on the edge of their chairs waiting for a chance to be the first. So what was actually covered ?…plenty! The heart and soul was HVAC control systems, and Rick covered what was already in place in today’s vehicles and what to expect in the near future. With so much information to cover in just three hours, it was a non-stop information blitz. From electrical and mechanical fan clutches, clutchless compressors, windshield humidity sensors, in-car filtration systems, rear air conditioning advancements, and even newer systems such as the “mode-film vent systems.” Rick made it a point to tell everyone that a lot of these new innovations aren’t actually all that new. A lot of these ideas have been around for years and years but only after extensive research and development or practical application testing are some of these ideas brought out at a later date. They may appear to be new and innovative but the concept or idea for the application might actually be 10, 20 or even 30 years old. One particular question drew a lot of different answers; “Why can we 26 ACTION • March / April 2012 not just run a signal from a switch to a relay, then have the relay apply voltage to the A/C clutch like we used to?” There were a lot of answers from the crowd but no one quite had the one he was looking for. Rick held the door prize up high waiting for the correct answer but only one answer was remotely close. Rick explained the answer this way: “The government is concerned about emissions. As with many belt driven compressors, as the clutch engages a surge can be picked up by the crank sensor which in turn can be interpreted by the PCM as a possible misfire. Also, the idle speed and fuel enrichment all are changed or are affected by the mere act of turning on the air conditioning. This misfire condition will have an effect on the emission status. Now with the PCM controlling the “requested” signal for A/C, a more precise control of the emissions can be calculated.” No one left the class without some new information. He gave us a quote to remember: “It’s a different world we live in today.” With the communication systems, data information, and emission control systems on today’s cars, the once-simple act of getting some cold air in the car has become a complex and integrated part of the vehicle electronic system. No doubt more changes and more innovations are on the horizon. — Scott Weaver Variable compressors are just the beginning There is, as they say, nothing like being there. When it comes to MACS’ tech sessions, nothing could be more true, and Dave Hobbs’s talk on ”Variable Displacement Compressors” is a fine example of why. While billed as a technical discussion, the actual session was really better described as an open exchange of information.

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