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Lack of Heat - Blower Motor Frozen 2011-2012 Ford Fiesta Some 2011-2012 Ford Fiestas may show up at service facilities for a lack of heat due to the blower motor not functioning. A quick check of the electrical system may show that the blower motor fuse, located at F4 in the Power Distribution Box, is blown. However, the real problem may be much more complicated. The culprit may be a blower motor that has been locked up by snow or water entering through the cowl top and refreezing at the blower motor in freezing temperatures. The blower motor may not spin and therefore causes the fuse to blow. If you bring the vehicle into the shop and it sits inside for a while, simply replacing the blown fuse may correct the problem temporarily because the ice at the motor has thawed. However, once the vehicle is outside in sub-freezing weather, the water may refreeze – or more snow or water may enter the cowl – causing the replacement fuse to blow. The complete fix may involve checking to see if the vehicle is equipped with deflectors on the air inlet openings of the cowl grille. Open the hood and check for the presence of deflectors in the air inlets at the cowl grille. If deflectors are present, check to see that they are properly installed and seal the area tightly, and are not damaged. If the deflectors are present, begin a diagnostic procedure to check wiring, connectors, ground and the blower motor. If deflectors are not present, install a deflector kit (P/N CE8Z-54020C16-A) before drying up the blower motor area and replacing the fuse. Figure 1 Air intake cowl grille deflectors. If possible, before releasing the vehicle, allow the vehicle to sit outside in freezing temperatures and verify that the repair is successful. ❆ Reader Reply No.60 42 ACTION • March / April 2012

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