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AirSept’s Assortment The rear A/C on the import SUV has failed, and the customer would rather move the dog up to the front than pay to repair it. If the labor to remove and replace a damaged line, or even the rear evaporator, in a dual air conditioning system drives the Florida was recently certified by Applied Consumer Services, Inc., an accredited independent test laboratory, to comply with the new refrigerant leak detector standard SAE J2913. SAE standard J2913 was published in response to a need to reduce refrigerant R-1234yf emissions and to establish minimum performance criteria for an improved class of electronic hand-held GROWING SOLUTIONS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS TCCI Manufacturing/QUE Products announces the grand opening of its new facility in Ningbo, China - Ultra modern, 14,000 sq meter facility with increased production capacity and expanded validation capabilities - Swash plate and wobble plate assembly on dedicated, automated equipment in humidity-controlled clean room environment - Capacity to produce QP7H15 wobble plate compressors every 30 seconds – quadrupling the annual output - Global Logistics and Warehousing Capabilities repair estimate beyond the customer’s comfort level, the shop needs the new Line Terminator. AirSept’s Line Terminator allows the technician to quickly and effectively block off the line where it splits to go to the rear evaporator. It also eliminates refrigerant and oil pooling in the rear A/C line and helps maximize front A/C performance. AirSept has added new 8mm and 15mm Line Terminator kits, plus a new assortment kit that includes both metric and SAE sizes. Terminators work on aluminum or steel A/C, heater, transmission, power steering and other automotive metal lines. R.R No. 301 ElectroTechno Tools D440A Certified The D440A refrigerant leak detector from Techno Tools Corporation of Hialeah, U N I T E D I N Q U A L I T Y ASKFORQUE.COM | SALES@QUE-PRODUCTS.COM | 972.731.9494 Reader Reply No.18 ACTION • March / April 2012 43 http://www.ASKFORQUE.COM http://www.ASKFORQUE.COM

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