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Dear MACS, I’d like to briefly salute you and your staff for a great job promoting and organizing last week’s meeting in Las Vegas. As a veteran of the HD component industry and a first-time attendee at MACS, I was impressed with the quality and quantity of contacts that I made. The simplest and most meaningful compliment comes from my observation of the show floor. There were a significant number of individuals who obviously make this event a priority, return year after year, genuinely believe they can improve their industry, and appreciate the relationships that have been fostered at MACS. I look forward to returning in the future! John Adami, Principal Northwest Heavy Duty Component Sales LLC Bellevue,Washington MACS 2013 Training Conference & Trade Show February 7-9 at the Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando FL. Mark your calendars! You Can Never Be Too Sensitive...About Leaks! The PRO-Alert 2791 TM Finds R-12 34yf Leaks! This award-winning electronic refrigerant leak detector utilizes a state-of-the-art infrared sensor for enhanced sensitivity and long life! It features a user selectable, three-position sensitivity switch to minimize false triggering, while allowing for easy diagnosis of small, medium and large leaks. Powered by a long-life, rechargeable NiMH battery. Certified to meet new SAE J2791 standard for electronic refrigerant leak detectors. Detects leaks down to 0.1 oz/year Works with all refrigerants 1,000+ hour sensor life High-efficiency air sampling pump provides quicker response and clearing Field-replaceable sensor and battery eliminate downtime NiMH battery provides over six hours of use between charges. Detector also works with AC and DC power adapters. The TP-9364 PRO-Alert 2791TM comes complete with infrared sensor, replacement filters, rechargeable NiMH battery, AC power adapter, DC power adapter with cigarette lighter plug and rugged carrying case. To learn more, ISO 9001:2008 call 1-800-641-1133 or visit Reader Reply No. 5 8 ACTION • March / April 2012

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ACtion Magazine - March/April 2012
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ACtion Magazine - March/April 2012