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Angie Kilbourne, AAM Optimize your Facebook Page for graph search You don’t have to be an expert — or even hire one — to take advantage of the word-of-mouth marketing benefits Facebook’s Graph Search can offer your business. T here’s been a lot of buzz about Facebook’s new Graph Search, and though it’s still in beta and just being rolled out to users in the U.S., it’s a major step in social search on the Web. While it’s being tested by users, there are some things you can do to prepare your business’s Facebook page and optimize it to reach more people within your customers’ networks. Why change? Facebook’s Graph Search is designed to show users not only what’s nearby, but also what their friends “Like,” where they’ve checked in, and other more personalized search data. If you wanted to know which music artists your customers and/or friends like most, Graph Search allows you to refine your criteria in that manner. In other words, you don’t find out what’s most popular with everyone, you find out what’s most popular to the people most important to you. It’s important for businesses to take as much advantage as possible by ensuring people will find them through this new relationshipbased search. That means, it’s time to think like a potential customer looking for automotive repair services. Let’s take a look at the most important Facebook page tweaks that will give you some bang for little-to-no bucks: 1 Ensure your company’s information is up-to-date. Visit your Facebook page, and review the different sections you’ve set up carefully. Edit, update or delete outdated information as appropriate. 2 Check the category selected for your business. This is done by visiting the Edit Page tab at the top. You selected a category when you set up the page; ensure that it’s current, as Facebook is constantly refining and updating its network. For automotive repair businesses, I recommend they select the “Local Business” category, with the “Automotive” subcategory (but feel free to use what best suits your particular situation). 3 Fill in as much detailed information about your business in the profile area of your page, using keywords that motorists would likely use to search for your services: auto repair, air conditioning, etc. Your goal is to make it as likely as possible to be displayed in someone’s search results, as well as to encourage other organizations — from companies to directories — to link to your page. 4 If your business is part of a program group, co-op, franchise or other nationally known organization, you can enhance that affiliation on your own business’s page. Link to your group via the “Official Page” description in your profile area. 5 Claim your business’s username, which gives you a unique 10 ACTION • April 2013 URL. This is also done through the profile editing section. 6 Claim the Facebook Place for your business, if you haven’t already, and ensure all the information displayed here is correct and current. Don’t be alarmed if you find there are two or three Places already set up for your company. Facebook allows anyone to create a Place on its network; if someone wanted to check in and couldn’t find you, they likely set it up. Search Facebook for your business’s name to ensure you snag all the Places created, claim them and then merge them into one official Place — all while taking credit for those past check-ins, too. Also note that if your page was categorized as a Local Business, Facebook automatically created a Place for it. 7 Encourage check-ins to your Facebook Place. Although the number of check-ins doesn’t have any official weight to search ranking, the more customers use check-in, the more likely your business will show up in searches, especially if they are filtering by their friends and/or family. 8 Encourage tagging and liking of photos showing your business and your staff. Graph Search appears to favor photos, so any advantage you can take to show up in search results is a positive. Facebook doesn’t have to be a difficult tool to use when marketing your business. As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be. For help, tutorials and other how-to information on Facebook Pages, check out the videos, classroom and other resources sections of the Facebook Marketing Page at Also check out the Facebook Business Page at; you can also learn a lot from the volunteers and business owners who frequent the Facebook for Business community page at ❆

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ACtion Magazine - April 2013
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ACtion Magazine - April 2013