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Modern automotive HVAC systems by MACS Staff M the latest diagnostic techniques such as temperature drop testing across each component and line in the system. It was a welcome opportunity to ‘tour’ the material with the author as our guide, but the seminar turned into much more than that. Because of the live setting and all the additional ‘talent’ in the room, he was able to include tips and insights not commonly found in any book. One memorable bit of advice Turay offered that is often forgotten: “Hands and eyes are still two of the most effective tools for A/C system analysis.” ❆ ACS has recently published a two-volume text that covers every aspect of automotive HVAC, from the basic principles of operation all the way up through electronic and scan tool diagnostics. Although the books are aimed at tech schools, they are also intended to provide education and time-saving information that can help “seasoned professionals” be more efficient and accurate in A/C service and troubleshooting. MACS instructor Larry Turay wrote these books and gave us the instructor’s presentation. The material is based on a combination of his expert technical knowledge and decades of real-world experience, and it includes FOR THOSE LONG HAULS UNDER THE MOST EXTREME ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS – PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY COUNTS. That’s why T/CCI does extensive laboratory and field testing on all products, using the latest in technology to simulate the conditions of any terrain, temperature and environmental elements.You can count on the advanced durability of T/CCI’s Que Compressors. Reader Reply 32 ACTION • April 2013 | | 217-422-0055

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ACtion Magazine - April 2013
Freeze Frame
Virtual View
Under the Southern Cross
Leonard’s Law
News & Updates
State of the Industry
R-1234YF Design and Service Considerations
Heavy Duty/Off Road Technical Session
Hybrid Evolution Continues
Modern Automotive HVAC Systems
Old-Timers, Team Players, Slackers and Kids: Do Your Employees ‘play’ Well Together?
Cheap Isn’t Always Best
A/C Season Check List: Is Your Shop Ready?
MACS 2013 Training Event Social Wrap-Up
Wallace Talks Up Big Brother
Association News
Quick Check
New Products & Services
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ACtion Magazine - April 2013