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Cheap isn’t always best by Bob Chabot MAGNAFLOW Illustration “Mobile air conditioning is in a constant state of change. Shops and technicians face the same challenge that general repair did in the early 1990s: Am I going to get into the diagnostics business or not?” With that statement, Gary Stamberger, Magnaflow Exhaust training director, then guided participants through the scan tool purchasing maze with an aptly named training seminar titled, How To Become An Expert With Your Scan Tool. “A scan tool purchase is a huge investment,” Stamberger emphasized. “Be aware aftermarket generic scan tools vary greatly in features and functionality; none of them typically have the full functionality available from an automaker’s factory scan tool.” This is because even though automakers make datastreams available to other toolmakers, aftermarket manufacturers choose which of the available functionality to license and build into their scan tools to meet certain targeted market niches and demand price points. 34 Stamberger demonstrated numerous examples and tips that covered A/C and cooling system Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), datastreams, adaptive strategies employed by automakers, bi-directional controls, freeze frame data and more. “Clearing DTCs with a scan tool will erase Freeze Frame info, so be sure to save Freeze Frame images in a file on your scan tool beforehand.” “On the other hand, if adaptive strategies are cleared by a scan tool, much different consequences occur. To get a control module to relearn the necessary adaptive strategies to operate properly can be incredibly time-consuming. Also, be aware that not every case may be covered by a scan tool. California cars can be different from Federal cars (those sold in the other 49 states). Vehicle models can also change mid-year. So be sure you know before you start a repair whether your scan tool is current and updated; otherwise you may end up chasing ghosts.” Stamberger demonstrated the network nodes that scan tools communicate with. ACTION • April 2013

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ACtion Magazine - April 2013
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ACtion Magazine - April 2013