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Macs honors new product showcase winners The 2013 MACS Training Event and Trade Show featured a New Products Showcase with 24 new mobile A/C and engine cooling products on display. A panel of the motor press attending the show judged the following products as stand-outs in three categories: Most innovative new product: AGS SWEDGE-LOKR Kit. The SWEDGELOKR Tool and SWEDGE-LOK System is the key to permanent, fast, and economical A/C repairs. The SWEDGE-LOKR Tool is designed to fit into the compact spaces where A/C lines are found, allowing most repairs to be completed right on the vehicle. The SWEDGE-LOK repair fittings consist of tubeto-tube unions, tube-to-hose unions, and blockoffs. The specialized alloy and design of these fittings makes for corrosion-proof and leak-proof repairs that are pressure-rated and tested up to 1000 PSI. Best use of technology in a new product: Santech MT3710 – Dual Channel Thermometer Kit. This is a J/K-type digital thermometer that will display (2) separate probe readings at the same time on one screen. The unit will also perform a differential reading of the (2) probes. The thermometer comes with a protective rubber cover. The probes are direct-contact types for accurate readings. Most service friendly new product: Beck/Arnley European Coolants. Beck/ Arnley’s new lineup of Genuine OE Quality European Fluids includes Euro Concentrate, Euro SF+, and Euro ++. They are bottled in Europe and formulated specifically for Audi, BMW, Mini, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Volvo models. The bottle includes a collapsible spout for ease of pouring. Larson electronics releases portable light tower with remote control operation Larson Electronics announces the release of the WAL-TP2XGLM-H-1227 Portable Telescoping Light Tower with dual remotecontrolled HID spotlights designed for high power and easy deployment and operation. Featuring an adjustable tripod and dual magnetic mount remote control spotlights, this portable light tower is ideal for events and worksites where high output and easy deployment is desired. The WAL-TP-2XGLM-H-1227 remote controlled spotlight tripod features a Reader Reply ACTION • April 2013 47

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ACtion Magazine - April 2013
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ACtion Magazine - April 2013