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Are you interested in becoming a candidate for the MACS Board of Directors? All you have to do is call or send an email and let us know you’d like yourself, or another qualified member you know, to be considered. Nominations are now open for the 2013 elections. The deadline for nominations is September 30. Ballots will be distributed in late November, and results of elections determined by Dec. 31, 2013. E-mail MACS president Elvis Hoffpauir or call 215/6317020x303 with nominations. Reporting counterfeit parts You can help stop the spread of counterfeit parts. Soon there will be a new tab on the home page of the MACS website ( called “Counterfeit Product Reports.” This will be on the public section of the Website that can be viewed by anyone. If you’re a manufacturer or supplier and you know your brand name is being counterfeited, tell us what you know and we’ll post the information. If you’re a tech and suspect a part or chemical you have purchased is counterfeit, look for a report on our Website. If you don’t see one, please file a report yourself. Provide as much information as you can. Include the (purported) brand name, a description of the product and whatever details you have about where and when it was purchased. If possible, take photos showing the differences between the counterfeit and known-good parts and packages. If the part or product was installed, tell us what happened next: did it perform properly or did it fail or cause something else to fail? Is there a characteristic symptom or failure that will help a tech recognize a counterfeit part has been installed? Be as thorough as possible. Make sure you understand the definition of “counterfeit.” In the auto parts business, it’s not the product that’s being stolen by counterfeiters, it’s the brand. Copying a product and selling it under another name without license from the party that created or holds the patent on that product is intellectual property theft. Copying the brand, package, label or trademark that leads the customer to believe they’re buying a brand-name product is counterfeiting. To file a Counterfeit Product Report, contact Jacques Gordon through e-mail ( and tell us what you know. We’ll check out the report with the part manufacturer and post all the additional details we can find in “Counterfeit Product Reports” on our Website. ❆ High Capacity Cab Cooling Available for all Surface and Underground Equipment: LHDs, Trucks, Jumbos, Bolters, Anfoloaders, Refuge Stations... Custom Designs _ Applications Are Limitless! Developed to provide incredible high capacity cab cooling while giving years of long life and uninterrupted service and durability even in the roughest environmental conditions that the Military, Mining, Oil & Gas and Heavy Equipment Industries can deliver! • High performance in high ambient conditions 55°C / 130°F • Stainless Steel enclosures • Copper/copper corrosion resistant coils • Power options 24vdc, high voltage, NON-ELECTRIC (hydraulic) • Quality manufacturing with high capacity long life components • Low maintenance due to corrosion and vibration resistant construction Heavy Duty Systems for Extreme Climate and Hazardous Environments Specialists in Mobile Heavy Equipment Heating & Air Conditioning Jumbo installation 32 ACTION • June 2013 Reader Reply Polar Mobility Research Ltd. #11, 4041 74 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2C 2H9 Canada Toll Free 1.800.309.8155, Ph. 403.279.3633, Fax 403.236.2759 •

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ACtion Magazine - June 2013