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Tracer Products OEM-based compressor oil for hybrid vehicles Tracer Products has introduced its new TP-9775-0008 Hybrid A/C Compressor Oil for use in all hybrid vehicles. This OEM-based ester lubricant provides excellent lubricity and compressor protection, while its high dielectric properties help reduce the risk of shock hazard to technicians. Packaged in a convenient 8 oz (237 ml) easy-pour bottle, this formula is ideal for technicians who prefer adding oil to a compressor prior to installation. For more information about the Tracerline® TP-9775-0008 Hybrid A/C Compressor Oil, call toll-free 1-800641-1133. Outside the United States and Canada, call 516-333-1254. Website at] Wheelz goggles reduce fogging with double venting system Fogging of safety goggles can be a dangerous nuisance. A study in Accident Analysis & Prevention magazine researched the factors influencing workers’ use of safety eyewear, and fogging was the number one vision-related reason given for not wearing safety eyewear. Fogging, the result of condensation building up on the inside or outside of the lens, can be caused by a sudden change in air temperature or a constantly humid, hot, or cold work environment. Wheelz goggles by Gateway Safety were designed specifically to fight fogging with a patented Whirlwind ventilation system, which circulates air through the inner frame area between the face and lens. Ten vents along the frame’s brow area and 10 additional vents on the frame’s underside create a strong “whirlwind” of air that helps clear the fog and maintain unhindered vision at all times. For additional fog prevention, an anti-fog coating is available with four of the lens options. IF THIS WAS AN HVAC PART, KYSOR WOULD HAVE IT. We get you the parts you need, when you need them, at the right price. Count on Kysor. | 2390 Blackhawk Rd. | Rockford, IL 61109 | 800.499.6849 Reader Reply ACTION • June 2013 35

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