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Outlook Andy Fiffick MACS Chairman Customer service 101 Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide (MACS) Andrew Fiffick Chairman & CEO Elvis Hoffpauir President & Editor-In-Chief W e all know the old adage, “If you don’t take care of your clients, someone else will.” Most of us do a pretty good job of adhering to the principle behind that quote; however, in these changing times we need to pay extra attention to our clients. The car manufacturers and dealers have been mounting customer loyalty programs, and their extended warranties and free maintenance while under warranty are both keeping vehicles out of our bays. Factory recalls have always taken business away from us with the “while it’s here syndrome,” but now dealerships are taking a bigger part of the tire market too. The question is, how do we as an industry combat these tactics and keep our bays full? In my opinion, service is not just thanking your customer for their patronage and fixing the vehicle right the first time at a fair price: it is so much more. It starts with getting to know your client; I mean really knowing your client and treating them like family. In most new car dealerships and large chain stores, personnel are changed or rotated often. The service writer or technician that a customer dealt with last month may or may not be there the next time they come in, and that is the chains’ and dealerships’ weak spot. We are all small businesses. Like a featherweight fighting a heavyweight boxer, we cannot go hit-for-hit with the big boys. They can outspend us on all aspects of our businesses. We need to bring together the positive aspects of an independent shop that have made our segment of the industry strong in the past, and to focus on what we can do to keep and grow our client base. I believe that we have in the past and can still outperform the big boys in one area, and that area is personalized client service. Personalized client service is the key! As in most small businesses, we are at our shops every day. We have the opportunity to hone relationships with each and every client, to learn their driving habits, their wants and desires. We know that Mrs. Jones is hard on brakes, and that Mr. Smith tows his boat every weekend and does snowplowing in the winter. We know that Mrs. Paul drives only 4,000 miles a year, while Mr. Paul is a salesman and racks up 30,000 miles a year. If we get to know our clients on a personal level, we can service them better and build a connection that will cement our relationship with them and their family. Hopefully we will form a bond with our clients that beats the model of service at our competitors’ shops, so they will not be tempted away. We need to concentrate on performing the extra customer services that set our shops above our competition. Maybe we can’t afford to do everything the large dealerships do to get and retain clients, but it costs nothing to get to know our clients and give great personalized service. Remember; take care of your customers, or someone else will!. ❆ Jacques Gordon Managing Editor Marion Posen VP Sales & Marketing Laina Casey Graphics & Design Manager Corporate Offices Mail To: P.O. Box 88, Lansdale, PA 19446 Ship To: 225 S. Broad St., Lansdale, PA 19446 Phone: (215) 631-7020 Fax: (215) 631-7017 E-mail: June 2013 Volume 13, Number 5 ACTION magazine is published eight times per year by the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide, 225 S. Broad Street, Lansdale, PA 19446. While MACS Worldwide takes reasonable steps to make sure that the information reported in ACTION is accurate, errors can still occur. The accuracy of all information contained in ACTION should therefore be independently evaluated by the reader. Since conditions of its use are outside of the control of MACS Worldwide, MACS Worldwide assumes no liability for the use of such information or any damages incurred through its use or application. Nothing contained in such information is to be construed as contractual or provide some form of warranty on the part of MACS Worldwide. The opinions expressed in guest editorials are not necessarily endorsed by MACS Worldwide. MACS Worldwide is not responsible for any claims made in or by advertisements or press releases published in ACTION. All company names, products and product names, emblems, logos, images, trademarks, service marks and trade dress appearing in this magazine are the property of their respective owners and are protected under federal laws of the United States and international agreements. Unauthorized use is prohibited. 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