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Effective advertising By Keith Leonard, Esquire A nother Super Bowl has been played, and with it the Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad for cars built in Detroit. All of passing of the hype surrounding the game and com- those commercials are likely memorable, some for their use mercials aired during the game at 4 million dollars of social media or for their creativity, or even for their use of for thirty seconds. At that cost, an advertiser should be look- a celebrity. However, the advertiser is much more likely to be ing at the costs associated with the advertising campaign interested in how well the consumer relates the commercial measured against the revenues produced by the campaign in to its product or service and how well the ad influences the order to determine if it was a winner, a loser, or a break- viewers to buy that product or service. even proposition. In the five years through the 2013 Super According to tracking done by a marketing professor at Bowl, automotive companies spent some 96 million dollars a Wisconsin university over a fifteen year span, some twofor commercial time. thirds of the companies that have advertised during a Super The timing of a commercial can clearly be an important Bowl game have enjoyed a boost in the financial measureconsideration. In this Super Bowl, Chrysler ran a two minute ments that an advertiser is looking for (stock price, sales, and commercial featuring Bob Dylan at the end of the third quarter brand awareness) for a period of time after the game. Howof the game, a seeming prime time for a ever, the professor also points out that commercial. Unfortunately, the Seattle certain types of companies tend to do Seahawks had run up a 36-0 score in Thirty nine percent said better than others; credit card and cold the game as the end of that quarter apmedicine companies do not do well at they look forward to the all. proached, causing many people to run away from their televisions at the time It is not however necessary to have Super Bowl commercials when Chrysler's commercial was airing. an expensively produced ad. This more than to the game itself. year's Doritos' Time Machine ad reThe television ratings at that time of the game had likely significantly dropped portedly cost $200.00 to make. Another from the ratings at the beginning of the financially successful commercial was game (an estimated 113,000,000 viewers). a simple announcement of the Hyundai Assurance Program According to the results of a recent market research study, that ran during the 2009 Super Bowl. Hyundai offered to let some thirty-nine percent of the respondents indicated that any consumer who financed the purchase of a car return the they look forward to the commercials during the Super Bowl car if the consumer lost their job within the next year, without more than the game itself. Automotive companies have cer- adversely affecting their credit. The manufacturer's market tainly read that research and have sought to create appealing share in the first ten months of 2009 jumped to 4.3% from commercial campaigns to run during the Super Bowl. For ex- 3.1% over the same period in 2008. ample, the Lincoln Motor Company came up with the Steer So, advertisers should remember the catch phrase of forthe Script campaign for the 2013 Super Bowl and enlisted mer President William Clinton's 1992 campaign, "it's the Jimmy Fallon to help with the campaign. It was an ad cam- economy, stupid" as much as the content of the commercial paign that generated a substantial response through social me- when investing in an ad campaign. ❆ dia, with thousands of people submitting stories about their road trip experiences. Another successful commercial campaign during the Super Bowl was Audi's prom commercial. In that commercial, viewers were asked to select from three options the ending that they wanted for the commercial, and the final result would run Remember that laws are constantly changing and are during the Super Bowl. The commercial had over five million often not uniform throughout the United States. Do views through YouTube. Toyota used Kaley Cuoco in its Wish not place unqualified reliance on the information in Granted campaign initiated prior to the 2013 Super Bowl, a this article. Always contact legal counsel for detailed casting that certainly helped the campaign. However, Toyota advice. also transformed the branding of its vehicles on their Twitter, If you have a particular issue, law or problem you would like to see addressed in a future column, please Facebook, and YouTube pages in kicking off that campaign. contact me at, or Each of those advertising campaigns is deemed a success Leonard, Sciolla, Hutchison, Leonard & Tinari, LLP, in the advertising world, as might be the commercial with 215-567-1530. the young child dressed as Darth Vader seemingly starting a Volkswagen by the use of the (Star Wars) Force, and the " 10 ACTION * March 2014

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