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ASC Industries, Inc Coolant pump replacement Seal wear occurs when grit gets between the stationary primary ring and the mating ring. adhesive if it's recommended. When using adhesive, make sure none gets squished to the inside of the pump. Even a small glob of sealant floating through the cooling system can interfere with the thermostat. Bolt torque matters. The water pump on a Toyota 3.5L V-6 engine has a paper gasket and is held in place with 16 bolts, and there is a torque sequence and two different torque specs. The Chevrolet Aveo water pump is held with 3 bolts torqued to the same value and sealed with an O-ring. Both types of seal will be subjected to thousands of heat cycles, and proper bolt torque is critical to maintaining a good seal. Make sure to clean out the bolt holes before installing the pump, and don't forget to apply sealer to any bolts that thread into a cooling system passage. Mechanical advantages On engines that drive the water pump with the timing belt, it's common to replace the pump and the belt at the same time. That's not just to save the customer from having to pay for the same job if the pump fails later. All pulleys and bearings in the whole belt drive system affect each other. Even on V-belt driven pumps, any pulley or idler what's not turning smoothly or in the same plane as the others can stress the bearing on the new pump. The bearing is designed for a specific amount of stress imparted by belt tension, which is why most belts are tensioned with a spring or some other automatic tensioning device. 18 ACTION * March 2014 by the numbers

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