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MACS 2014 Mobile A/C clinic schedule Here is a list of MACS Mobile A/C Update Clinics and their locations that have been scheduled so far for 2014. Additional Clinics may be scheduled. For the most current schedule and to register on-line for an Update Clinic, please check the training page of the MACS website. You can also register by phone at the number listed with each date. MARCH March 25: St. Louis, MO at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 March 26: Moline, IL at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 March 27: Lansdale, PA at MACS Headquarters: (215) 631-7020 ext 0 APRIL April 1: Loves Park, IL at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 2: Alsip, IL at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 9: Wichita, KS at Central Auto Electric: (316) 943-5283 April 10: Taunton, MA at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 10: Houston, TX at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 15: Urbandale, IA at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 17: Minneapolis, MN at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 22: Escanaba, MI at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 23: Appleton, WI at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 24: Fresno, CA at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 24: Milwaukee, WI at LKQ: (708) 801-3221 April 29: Allentown, PA at AAA East Penn: (215) 631-7020 ext 0 MACS 2014 Board of Directors and Officers installed at annual meeting The board of directors of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide has elected the following officers for the 2014 board term: Chairman: Andy Fiffick of Rad-Air Complete Car Care, Cleveland, OH Vice Chairman: Steve Sunday, Sunair Products, Fort Worth, TX Treasurer: David Jack, DENSO Products and Services America, Long Beach, CA Secretary: R.C. Shirmer, Glen-Ray Rad Inc. Wausau, WI Past Chairman: Arthur "Butch" Smith, ARA Automotive Systems, Garland, TX The MACS board of directors has 13 members: four are in the service/ repair business, four are in the distribution business and four are in the manufacturing industry, plus the past chairman. Six of the 13 positions are up for election each year, with each member serving a two-year term. Elected this year to a two-year term from the service/repair membership were Andy Fiffick, owner of Rad-Air Complete Car Care in Cleveland, OH; and Jim Atkinson, owner of Car Repair Company in Scottsdale, AZ. Elected to a two-year term from the distribution membership were Randy Rankin of Ranshu, Inc. in Reno, NV; and James Hittman of Badger Truck Refrigeration in Eau Claire, WI. Elected for a two-year term from the manufacturer membership were David Jack of DENSO Products and Services America in Long Beach, CA; and Mary Koban of DuPont Fluoroproducts in Wilmington, DE. ❆ ON-SITE TECHNOLOGY TO SIMULATE EXTREME CLIMATIC CONDITIONS BECAUSE - PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY COUNT. CLIMATIC WIND TUNNEL T/CCI knows that testing under "real-world" conditions is important. Our Climatic Wind Tunnel can simulate virtually any programmed test cycle including extreme climate and road conditions. Contact us today to book tunnel time or to learn more. | | 217-422-1896 Reader Reply March 2014 * ACtion 39

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