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Tools, ideas and what's coming next for the A/C service professional By Paul Weissler T he 2014 MACS Training Event and Trade Show was a lot of things - a look at the present, some indications of the near future, and some practical ways to deal with everyday problems. Probably the most important question answered was the future of R-1234yf. The leading makers of Recovery/Recycle/Recharge (R/R/R) equipment all were there and demonstrating their machines, but not all of them were appropriate for the average independent garage. And off in a corner (and a major topic at the SAE Interior Climate Control Committee meeting that preceded the trade show) was the sign of a revival of strong interest in CO 2 refrigerant, otherwise known as R-744. 22 ACTION * May 2014 (photo: MACS) RTI displayed a recovery/recycle machine with a docking station for a handheld refrigerant identifier. (photo: P.Weissler) The Yellow Jacket recovery/recycle machine has a built-in refrigerant identifier with its own service port connector. (photo: P.Weissler) The hand-held identifier communicates with the RTI machine through a USB port: note the built-in printer.

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