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Overheating... at 10°F? By Steve Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor We've all seen plenty of vehicles come through the ser- P1299 for Cylinder Head Over Temperature Protection Acvice bay with engine overheating conditions; let's just call tive. Pretty bland-sounding trouble codes, for sure. it par for the course in automotive service. Normally we Because it's an intermittent issue, it's not likely that see these vehicles during the peak of summer when some you'll "see" the problem while the vehicle is in your bay. aging, clogged or worn out part is restricting heat transfer. Also, in order to verify the customer's concern, you'll But even during the bitter cold temperatures of winter, you need to take into consideration the conditions under which do occasionally get those overheat jobs. the problem happens. This means you'll need to test the Some newer Ford vehicles may exvehicle during pretty cold temperahibit a cold weather overheating conditures and at high speed, which may tion, particularly the 2013 Fusion with ...OEMs rely heavily on or may not be possible depending on the 1.6-litre gasoline TDI engine. It's an ambient conditions. You might first ECT data think that during highway driving intermittent problem that generally occurs at cold ambient temperatures (bein the cold of winter there would be low 10°F) and on top of that happens enough low temperature ram air flow while moving at highway speeds. There to prevent an overheating situation, will also be two trouble codes stored in the PCM: P0217 but not in this case. This appears to be due partially to an for an Engine Coolant Over Temperature Condition and issue with the PCM Calibration. Ford has issued a TSB (14-0228) to address this concern, and has included as part of their service procedure to reprogram the PCM to the latest calibration using IDS release 93.03 or higher, along with replacing the coolant bypass solenoid valve. But before jumping to the bottom line repair, be sure to follow all steps in the bulletin. Both codes P0217 and The MOST COMPLETE Tube & Hose Fabrication P1299 need to be present in the PCM for this repair to System available ANYWHERE! apply. Also, check the coolant level and condition; if the Duplicate Virtually ANY Tube or Hose Assembly level is low or the system has been "topped off" with the wrong type, it would need to be corrected first. Another METRIC or AMERICAN. item to check out is the Engine Coolant Temperature SenCRIMP ALL types & brands of fittings sor, specifically looking at the terminals in the harness using our Universal Crimper. side of the connector. It can't be said enough that OEMs Rebuild A/C & power steering hoses using our exclusive reclaiming ferrules. rely heavily on ECT data, and anything that could cause Custom build A/C & power steering incorrect readings needs to be addressed as part of your fittings. service procedure. There are two other steps that Ford spells out, and these BEND & form metal tubing from 3/16 involve commanding operations with the IDS scan tool. to 1-1/4 inches. Convert standard to metric tubing using The first has to do with checking for proper High and Low our up swage & down swage system. Speed Cooling Fan operation. Makes perfect sense, too, Make extreme & tight transition bends. but is a step sometimes missed. If the fans are not functioning properly, there's no way for the PCM to properly FORM flares of all types including control engine coolant temperature. The second has to do O-ring beads. with an item that's relatively new to many service techs, O-ring beads in aluminum & steel and that's the active grille shutters. They're designed to tubing improve a vehicle's fuel economy by reducing drag, makUp swage tubing to create braze joints. ing it more "aerodynamic." But if they're not functioning properly, they could restrict air flow across the condenser TUBES N' HOSES INTERNATIONAL / radiator assembly, hindering cooling performance. Keep 972-923-0766 E-mail: in mind though that not all Fusions were built with these shutters, so this step may or may not apply. ❆ Reader Reply " 12 ACTION * March 2015

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