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time-saving, uncomplicated process. The kit includes the BigEZ™ injector assembly, an easy and accurate way to add oil to hybrid A/C systems. Also included is a solid-brass R-134a hybrid coupler with a check valve and purge fitting. Unlike a hose, the all-metal coupler is non-permeable and allows easy connection to the low-side service port. Rounding out the TP-9772 kit is a 4 oz (118 ml) hybrid/ester oil cartridge filled with a unique lubricating oil that is specially formulated for use in all hybrid vehicles. This OEM-based ester oil provides excellent lubricity and compressor protection, while its high dielectric properties help reduce the risk of shock hazard to technicians. For more information visit: 1. Behr Hella introduces alternative radiator line Behr Hella Service, now features an alternative line of radiators in a lower price segment to meet practical economic considerations. The alternative line makes perfect economic sense when repairing older passenger cars and keeps the cost of repair in line with current values. The new line is aimed at specific vehicles and is available as an alternative to the original spare parts that are being offered simultaneously. For easy identification and to distinguish them from original Behr Hella Service spare parts, the alternative radiator line is provided with separate part numbers and clearly labeled as "alternative." With the new alternative line, Behr Hella Service, is giving repair shops the opportunity to promote their quality consciousness in harmony with the requirements of the market. Application for the new line includes a wide selection of popular vehicles from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and VW with model years ranging from 1998 to 2010. Behr Hella also now has over 270 part numbers in its Charge Air Coolers & Oil Coolers for Passenger Cars brochure. The 2015 brochure contains more than 10 new parts for charge air coolers, engine oil coolers, transmission coolers and steering coolers for the most popular European passenger cars. Behr Hella Service products are made to OE specs for vehicle specific fit, form, and function. The line includes radiators, condensers, fans - both HVAC & radiator, oil coolers, compressors, vacuum elements, pressure switches, PAO-Oil 68, receiver dryers, expansion valves, evaporators, Visco®-fans, heater cores, expansion tanks, Visco® clutches and more. The new brochure is available in a printed version as well as online. Additionally, all data is in ACES through Epicore and WHI. Visit 2. Oil Injection Kit for hybrid A/C systems Tracer Products' TP-9772 BigEZ™ Hybrid/Ester Oil Injection Kit makes adding lubricating oil to a hybrid A/C system a 32 ACTION * March 2015 3. Continental launches free mobile APP for product reference 1. 2. 3.. 4. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, manufacturer and supplier of ATE and VDO replacement parts, now offers a free mobile app, which allows easy parts lookup on the ATE-VDO Auto Parts Catalog. The new app, which is compatible with Apple iOS and Android mobile devices, allows the user to scan the vehicle's VIN barcode through either the windshield VIN tag or the driver's side doorframe sticker. The VIN scan will identify all of the parts in the ATE-VDO Auto Parts Catalog that are related to that vehicle. The new mobile app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. It allows users to quickly and easily search for compatible parts on any car or light truck on the market. The catalog's comprehensive database also contains product information, specifications, instruction sheets, photos, vehicle relearn procedures for TPMS and other details for VDO brand electric motors, door systems, engine management, fuel supply, TPMS replacement parts, REDISensor Multi-Application TPMS sensors and ATE brand brake pads and rotors. In addition to the VIN scan, the new app also allows users to search based on vehicle make and model and cross-reference with the touch of a button. For more information, visit:

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