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MACS... live on YouTube Steve Schaeber O n May 6th, 2015, MACS produced its first YouTube Live This event was sponsored by Robinair, as they provided free SecEvent, in which we delivered our Section 609 Certification tion 609 Certification tests, initially for up to 100 technicians. HowTest Prep webinar. While we've delivered training similar to ever, demand for the program was so great, they decided to increase this in past, many times in a webinar forthat number to 150 to allow even more technicians mat, the difference this time was that we to become certified through this live event. ...demand for the did it live on our YouTube channel www. The entire program lasted about 90 minutes, which gave Tim and I enough time to introduce the event was so great... If you were able to attend the live event, program, review some history on ozone depletion then you participated in the first of what I and climate change, and work through the trainhope are many YouTube Live Events preing material. We split it up, taking turns covering sented by MACS. We'd like to partner up with more of our members the slides. For example, I reviewed the material pertaining to EPA's to hold events like this, covering a whole range of mobile A/C topics. SNAP list, while Tim naturally covered equipment requirements, serFor this inaugural video, I was joined by Tim Wagaman, Senior vice ports and valves, and machine maintenance. Product Manager for Air Conditioning and Fluid Products at Robinair, a brand of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. Tim participated as co-host, bringing a new dynamic to our 609 webinar format through the addition of his direct insight and knowledge of refrigerant recovery, recycle and recharge (R/R/R) machines. " In 2015, 3 million cars worldwide will use R-1234yf WE'RE READY, ARE YOU? Throughout the webinar, participants were able to ask questions through the Live Chat function of the YouTube website. With the help of MACS' Events Manager Pam Smith as Chat Moderator, Tim and I were able to answer them during a Q&A session near the end of the live event. It's always great to get feedback from event attendees, especially when we have the help of experts like Tim. Are you interested in partnering with MACS to produce a live event? Send an e-mail to steve@macsw. org or call (215) 631-7020. We'd love to hear from you! Steve Schaeber Manager of Service Training You can reach Steve at 8 ACTION * June 2015

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ACtion Magazine - June 2015