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Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft Angie Kilbourne A s the automakers continue to roll out their connect- Business Insider Intelligence (BII). BII also forecasts that ed car offerings, it's the other "Big Three" that are by 2020, 75 percent of the 92 million vehicles shipped making headlines in the inglobally - about 69 million - dustry as they jockey for dominance will include the ability to con...The big names in the au- nect to the Internet. in a new market. Now, it's Microsoft's Automotive 7, Apple's CarPlay When you consider the newtomotive industry's newest and Google's Android Auto that are est trend in vehicle diagnostics technologies sound awfully is moving away from actual working to win the hearts and minds of motorists and auto manufacturers familiar, don't they? tools and toward mobile device alike. But there is a lot at stake here: apps, it becomes apparent why "The connected car market is growthese three software giants are ing at a five year compound annual so aggressive in getting to margrowth rate of 45 percent - 10 times as fast as the overall ket within a line of vehicles. Let's be honest; if you own car market," says John Greenough, a research analyst with an iPhone, which vehicle will be easiest to work with from your device? That's correct, the one sporting Apple CarPlay. As a shop owner, you might even need to keep a 80 variety of mobile devices on hand to match Windows to Automotive 7; CarPlay to iOS; and Android to Android Auto - just to keep up with what comes into your bays. 70 But let's not get ahead of ourselves. That future has not yet been decided. According to Markets and Markets, the connected 60 car market is expected to reach more than $46 billion by 2020, and everyone from automakers to app developers are wanting to get in on the ground floor. Both consumers 50 and government are expected to fuel this growth, with the former demanding functionality that provides enhanced safety, maps, convenience and entertainment and the lat40 ter mandating telematics utilities, such as stolen vehicle tracking and usage based insurance. And wireless repairs and software updates. Let's be sure not to leave that part 30 out. Which brings us back to the repair bay. Have you, as a business owner, considered where this industry is headed 20 in just five years? Are you prepared to step forward with the industry, readying yourself and your team for the incoming onslaught of computer and electronics based work 10 that will be heading through your door in just a few years? Because the future is now: Google's autonomous vehicles will take to the streets this summer in California, and the 0 23 vehicles Google has been testing were retrofitted Lexus and Toyota vehicles. Just remember, all is not lost. You have weathered many sea changes in this industry before, and this one is no different. But you may want to start recruiting from your local college's information technology program in addition to its automotive students. ❆ 30 ACTION * July/August 2015 "

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