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1. Kenway perfects hydraulically powered HVAC system Kenway Engineering Inc. has introduced a hydraulic HVAC unit for off-road construction equipment, combining hydraulic heating and air-conditioning in one unit. Ideal for off-road construction equipment, the Kenway 9067 Series can be installed as a split unit system or as a self-contained model about the size of a small window air-conditioner. As a self-contained unit, Kenway 9067 Series installation requires a rectangular opening in the cab wall, four hose connections and a single electrical hookup. The air conditioner's compressor is turned by a hydraulic motor, rather than by the vehicle's engine. The Kenway 9067, being located in the cab and running off a self-contained hydraulic motor, does away with issues common in many large pieces of construction equipment like potential leaks and difficulty troubleshooting A/C problems. The system is highly adaptable for a wide variety of heavy equipment and can be customized to fit any OEM interior cab scheme. For more information, visit or call (507) 945-0105. 1. 2. 3.. 4. SAE certified ACX1280 R1234yf recovery machine from MAHLE 2. New stainless steel skirt mount condensers from Trans/Air Trans/Air's new stainless steel mount condensers feature the latest technology, including condenser coils and high-efficiency, low-amperage draw condenser fans. The stainless steel design provides maximum corrosion protection in harsh road environments. The condensers are available in 2 (SMC2S) and 3 (SMC3L) 10" fan configurations. Corresponding stainless steel stacking kits are available for applications where skirt mounting space is limited. To obtain a quote or for additional information, visit or call toll free: 800-6732446. 4. 5. 3. OEM-grade leak detection kit finds all A/C and fluid leaks The Tracerline® EZ-Ject™ A/C and Fluid Kit (part no. TP-8657) pinpoints leaks in A/C and fluid systems. It features the only concentrated, premium-quality, OEM- 40 ACTION * July/August 2015 approved fluorescent dyes in the industry. The star of the kit is the TP-8655 OPTIPRO™ Plus, a cordless, "true UV" (violet light) LED leak detection flashlight with convenient on-board recharging. It emits less visible light, making leaks clearer and easier to spot. Its high-output LED provides optimal fluorescent dye response and contrast, ensuring that every leak glows brightly. Also included in the kit are an EZ-Ject™ A/C dye injector assembly with hose and coupler, a 0.5 oz EZ-Ject™ R-134a/PAG multi-dose A/C dye cartridge for servicing up to 14 vehicles, a 1 oz bottle of DyeLite® All-In-One™ full-spectrum dye for all oil-based fluid systems, a 1 oz bottle of Dye-Lite® Rite-Blend™ extendedlife coolant dye, a smart A/C charger and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. All components are packed in a sturdy carrying case. For more information, call toll-free 1-800-641-1133. Outside the U.S. and Canada, call 516-333-1254 or visit www. 6. The MAHLE Service Solutions ACX1280 is a new R-1234yf recovery machine from the company's line of ArcticPRO® A/C service equipment. Now SAE J standard certified, the ACX1280 is designed to meet all applicable performance and safety standards that are part of the stringent SAE J2843 standard. The ACX1280 machine is designed to recover, recycle and recharge R-1234yf to SAE purity standards. For more information about MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions, visit 5. T/CCI introduces new displacement compressor for CASE Equipment T/CCI partnered with CASE Construction to create the new QP7H15 150 cc displacement compressor. The new compressor is fitted to the backhoe loader. The CASE Construction backhoe loader is produced in Burlington, Iowa, and is supplied from T/CCI headquarters in Decatur Illinois. The backhoe loader is also produced in Lecce, Italy, with supply coming

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