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Training... at 100°F! Steve Schaeber T he July/August issue of ACTION™ is known around here as the heavy duty issue, and for this year's edition, the training stars were perfectly aligned to bring you our two main feature articles. On May 29th, I visited T/CCI's Climatic Wind Tunnel testing facility in Decatur, Illinois to report on the events which took place at this HD/Off-Road training event. You could just imagine why I wanted to cover this story; visiting a wind tunnel is definitely one of those of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! People began showing up around 7:30 a.m., and more than 50 were there by 8:00. Those in attendance varied from product specialists, engineers, and trainers, to include shop owners, technicians and managers with backgrounds in automotive and HD/Off-Road equipment. Following introductions by T/CCI and CAT, the morning sessions began around 8:30, which then repeated after lunch. Training was held in two main areas of the building, and attendees were split into two groups: Group A spent the morning at the wind tun- " nel demonstration, while Group B was further split again into two more groups. The trainers from Caterpillar had two classrooms set up in the main shop, where they presented material on eight different topics altogether. After watching four presentations in one class (which coincided with morning break), the groups switched classrooms to see the next four. Doing things this way kept class size to about 15, which worked those once-in-a-lifetime out quite well. You could easily hear the speaker, see the presentaopportunities! tion screen, and most importantly, the props, which in some cases were too big to pass around. Several tables were set up in another part of the shop for breakfast and lunch, which also served as the social gathering area. After lunch, Groups A and B switched places, allowing everyone the opportunity to attend the different sessions. More detail on each training session later in this issue, including the topics covered by each presenter. Everything pretty much wrapped up around 4:30, and nothing but R-1234yf WE'RE READY, ARE YOU? MACS In 2015, 3 million cars worldwide will use Welcome meeting kicks-off a full day of training! good comments could be heard as people said their goodbyes to one another. Several attendees knew each other already, but for many (including myself), new contacts were made. It's great being able to put names, faces, and now conversations together with new friends and business partners in our industry. That's surely one of the greatest aspects of a MACS Training Event! Steve Schaeber Manager of Service Training You can reach Steve at )UD]LHU5RDG$OWDYLVWD9$ì[ 6FKUDGHU,QWHUQDWLRQDOFRP 8 ACTION * July/August 2015 Visit our website to learn more about upcoming regional training events! Note: Are you interested in partnering with MACS to host a training event in your area? Send an e-mail to or call (215) 631-7020.

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ACtion Magazine - July/August 2015