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1. Airsept Smart Splice™ Ultimate Line Repair System AirSept's Smart Splice™ Ultimate Line Repair System offers over 8,000 repair options for hose to hose, hose to tube and tube to tube assemblies. The versatile Ultimate System repairs A/C, coolant, heater, transmission, power steering and oil/transmission cooler lines, often in five minutes or less. OE-approved sealing technology is leak-free up to 2600 PSI. No additives or special tools needed. AirSept has expanded the Smart Splice Ultimate System with several new line repair kits: 1. Tube-to-Hose Connector - A Line Splice fitting on one side plus precision-designed hose crimp technology on the other side. Allows technicians to connect metal lines to new A/C reduced barrier hose. Also available in a hose-to-hose version. 2. Line Terminator - Combines first-rate Line Splice sealing technology with a professional grade plug. Installs with no welding, glue, or line removal. The Line Terminator is very popular for blocking off a line, such as that to the rear evaporator in a dual A/C system. 3. In-Line Service "T" - Quickly replace defective or hard-toreach A/C service ports. High Side or Low Side port versions available. Install in minutes no welding or brazing. The Ultimate Line Repair System features AirSept's innovative Line Splice technology. The Line Splice features a "supersized" Seal Sleeve and unique self-adjusting, anti-vibration Tension Ring that together offer far superior sealing capabilities over traditional compression fittings. To learn more visit 2. Tracer OEM grade leak detection kit The Tracerline® TP-8656 EZ-Shot™ OEM-Grade A/C Kit provides an effec- 44 ACTION * April 2016 tive way to add fluorescent dye to a vehicle's A/C system. Simply add the dye to the system and let it circulate. The dye will escape with the refrigerant and collect at all leak sites. Scan the system with a Tracerline® leak detection flashlight to find the leaks. The A/C kit features the OPTIPRO™ Plus, a cordless, rechargeable, true UV (violet light) LED leak detection flashlight with on-board charging. The high-output UV LED produces optimal fluorescent dye response and contrast, ensuring that each and every leak glows brilliantly. Also included in the kit is a BigEZ™ R-134a/PAG multi-dose A/C dye cartridge. It is filled with 8 oz (237 ml) of premium quality, OEM-approved fluorescent dye, and can service up to 64 vehicles. The EZ-Shot™ caulking gunstyle A/C dye injector assembly with hose and coupler allows mechanics to inject the exact amount of dye needed. An 8 oz spray bottle of dye cleaner, a smart A/C charger and fluorescence enhancing glasses round out the rest of the kit. All components are packed in a rugged carrying case. 1. 2. 3. 3. Telescopic, VioMax Plus True UV Leak Detection Lamp gets into cramped automotive systems Tracer Products' newest addition to its extensive line of leak detection lamps is the Tracerline® VioMAX Plus™ (P/N TP-8650ACS). VioMAX Plus is a telescopic, True UV (violet light) leak detection lamp that's ideal for finding A/C and fluid leaks in tight, cramped areas inaccessible to larger lamps. Its super-bright 400 nm violet light LED offers optimal fluorescent response and contrast, and works with both universal/ester and PAG A/C dyes, as well as most fluid dyes. The VioMAX Plus is very lightweight and portable; weighing 1.6 oz (45 g). It measures only 9 inches (23 cm) in the closed position and extends to a full 29 inches (74 cm). With the aid of the large pivoting mirror, measuring 1 inch 4. 5.

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