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All things to all people Andy Fiffick T raditional wisdom tells us you can't be all things to all people. MACS has a mission statement that directs the Society to fulfill many goals for many constituents and probably never have I felt that we have fulfilled those many roles so well as during this past MACS 2016 Training Event in Orlando, FL. It is interesting to note that people come to the MACS Training Event for different reasons. There are the shop owners, working techs and educators who come for hard core technical training who want to hone their skills to service the complex vehicles on the road today and be prepared for future vehicles. There are those who strictly want to pursue commerce within the industry and trade show day is their busy time for making contacts and lucrative deals. There are also those attendees who were seeking both cutting edge training and commerce opportunities. For them they could access the best information for their needs from both worlds. As you read through the pages of this issue of MACS ACTION™ Magazine, you'll learn a great deal about what went on at this year's Training Event. There was world class training presented by 28 experts, with topics as diverse as thermodynamics to heavy duty truck repair to OEM plans for R-1234yf ...Attendees from 21 refrigerant use. countries filled the There were eight networking opportunities, a golf tournament, a comedy club halls ... event, luncheons, a casino night and even a meet-up party. There was industry recognition given to individuals who were deemed Pioneers in our industry and Young Ambassador awards given to those MACS recognizes as gifted professionals destined to take the next generation of the mobile A/C industry to new heights. MACS member companies who devoted their resources to partnering training for the industry were also recognized. Attendees from 21 countries filled the halls of our Orlando, Florida venue bringing with them their own agendas, expectations and experiences. From the attendee surveys I have read, MACS did a good job of fulfilling their expectations. I want to recognize the 39 industry sponsors who generously supported this event. In these economic times for so many sponsors to be a part of funding our forum to facilitate training and commerce is a testament to the value they see in the MACS program. Now the MACS board and staff turn their attention to putting together a blockbuster program for 2017. Please mark your calendars for the 2017 Training Event, Mobile A/C: Global Service Horizons, to be held February 15-18, 2017 at the Marriott in Anaheim, California. ❆ " Sincerely, Andy Andy Fiffick 6 ACTION * April 2016

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ACtion Magazine - April 2016
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ACtion Magazine - April 2016