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Meet Steve Rush, a MACS member for 29 years...and counting! M eet MACS member Steven Rush of Dealer Automotive Services located in Hopkins, MN. Steve joined the industry when his father-in-law hired him in 1989. He purchased the business in 2002. Dealer Automotive Services performs many jobs for other repair facilities, dealerships and consumers. Steve explains: "We are an automotive and truck accessory center. We specialize in installation, repair and parts sales of air conditioning for all types of vehicles including but not limited to cars, heavy-duty trucks, off-road equipment (we have a mobile repair technician), street rods, limousines, RVs and buses. Our main customer base for A/C repair or install is the general public and the street rod community. We also have a parts delivery service which sells O.E. replacement parts to other repair facilities performing A/C work. MACS Member Steven Rush. 12 ACTION * May 2016 "We have created our own line of what we call block-off fittings. These kits isolate the front A/C for recharging if the rear lines and/or rear evaporator have extensive repairs to be done. This saves the end user money when the front A/C is adequate for them and also helps the shop keep the job if the rear A/C repair is too expensive for the customer. We have sold these fittings for more than 10 years to customers all over the country. It all started with Chevy Suburbans when we would remove the fittings to weld them shut. This evolved into having fittings manufactured specifically for blocking off the rear vents. "Another great service we are known for is rebuilding A/C lines. We can rebuild most lines quickly allowing shops to turn vehicles and not have to special order line sets. We also seem to run into many situations where the line set has been discontinued. Our service helps get these A/C systems back up and running. "Our second area of expertise relates to automotive electronics and accessories. We specialize in the installation of remote starters (including manual transmissions), navigation systems, mobile video, collision avoidance systems, cruise controls, power windows, power door locks, alarm systems, keyless entries, heated seats and technological devices including iPod interfaces and Bluetooth hands-free phone kits. We also stock other accessory parts." Reflecting back on any out-of-the-ordinary repairs, Steve told us, "Our most unusual repairs come from mobile work. We have repaired A/C systems on trolleys, railroad switching engines and even finished the design and install on an electric-driven Corvette for a member of the MNEAA (Minnesota Electric Auto Association). We have installed A/C in minicapal lawnmowers for certain cities. We once designed and built a system for street sweepers." Steve has been a MACS member since 1987 and his reasons for continuing his membership are straightforward. "MACS does my research for me. They keep me abreast of the new trends and help by giving me areas to concentrate on. The MACS Service Reports help with real world repairs that my technicians appreciate. MACS gives me access to the annual trade show. This is where we get to shake hands with the people we just talk to on the phone other times of the year." Steve's best piece of advice to other MACS members is, "Enjoy your work. Your attitude, good or bad, reflects back to your customers. Showing enthusiasm and a positive attitude will ensure your customer has a pleasant experience." Learn more about Steve's business at and ❆

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