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MACS Staff W by Paul Weissler 18 ACTION * May 2016 Chrysler's list price is $164 per pound, it is based on $10.25 per ounce - yes, per ounce. If the dealer recovers 19 ounces from a 22-oz system, then installs a full charge, all he collects on warranty is three ounces - $30.75. Equipment makers featured their dealer-preferred machines. But there were also indications of what you'll be able to buy soon, which may fit your needs a lot better. Key omissions were RRR machines with just a USB port for connection to a hand-held refrigerant identifier (that meets SAE J2912). That's what the independent shop is FCA illustration ith the automotive air conditioning industry in the early stages of a major changeover, it's not surprising the MACS trade show reflects much of this in-the-middle situation. Yes, as we've predicted for years, R-1234yf is the lowglobal-warming choice to replace R-134a. One alternative (a blend designated as R-445a) was put on hold and the other - R-744 (carbon dioxide as a refrigerant) is close to production but likely not for the U.S. market for some time. Okay, you've seen the Fiat Chrysler products with R-1234yf, starting in 2014, but this is the year that Ford and General Motors make their move. The timing was based on EPA regulations, which provided some bankable Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) credits. But, the 2017 model year (which is what we're in now) is where they make a big difference. The early high-volume market for R-1234yf equipment is car dealerships, because the new systems are under warranty, and that dictated some of what was featured on MACS trade show display (Figure 1). The car makers all expect their dealers to have dedicated R-1234yf recovery/recycle/recharge machines that incorporate two key features: 1) a built-in refrigerant identifier (Figure 2); 2) a printer that will tell how much refrigerant was recovered and therefore how much additional refrigerant had to be installed (Figure 3). That additional refrigerant is all the car makers will pay for under warranty, unlike previous years when they paid for a full charge. But that was for R-134a, which currently is running about $3 per pound, compared with R-1234yf, which is many times more expensive. Although Fiat Figure 1: R-1234yf machines are being configured for the new car dealer market, so the refrigerant identifier is built in and a printer is "standard equipment."

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