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R Piston Power Show Andy Fiffick ad Air has been the presenting sponsor of the Summit Racing I-X Piston Powered AutoRama held in Cleveland, Ohio for the past three years. The "Piston Power Show" is the world's largest indoor showcase of custom and classic cars, motorcycles, airplanes, construction and farm equipment, military vehicles, trucks, boats and more. Like the show's slogan says, "If a piston makes it go, it's in this show!" Rad Air got involved to provide hands-on experiences and educational opportunities to the show's Career Day attendees and to the general public. I helped to conceptualize and bring to life many of the educational aspects of the show. Every year approximately 800 high school and vocational students attend the Piston Power Career Day on the day before the show opens to the public. Career Day starts with a speaker series where industry professionals can impact students and provide them with career advice. Each year I work with Tom Warmuth (Rad Air vice president and general manager) to test the knowledge and skills of students enrolled in automotive and vocational classes. This year the Vocational Skills Challenge included ten stations where students had to complete various tasks and assignments including: * Wiring Diagram Analysis * Tool Identification * Meter Use * OBD Generic II Scan Tools * Vehicle Inspection Checklist * Tire Identification & Ratings * Off-Car Parts Identification * 20-Question Written Exam * Wheel Bear Challenge / Torque & Rim Run Out * Tire Patch Challenge Each station task was worth 100 points, with a total possible score of 1,000. The top three teams earned scores above 800. * First Place: Lorain County JVS -Tyler Yarsky and Greg Ford * Second Place: Pioneer Career Center - Dustin Schupp and Ryan Shepherd * Third Place: Medina Career Center - David Grayzanic and Sarah Ostromek The top five teams earned scholarships to Ohio Technical College as well as Snap-On tools to help in their careers. The Vocational Challenge is a great way for Rad Air to give students a taste of what they are expected to know and how they need to perform when on the job in a real shop. It is also a great way to get to know young mechanics who will soon enter the industry and are looking for a career. In addition to the vocational challenge, Rad Air's booth is home to the Spark Plug Challenge and Tire Change Challenge. The public is invited to change four spark plugs and/ or change a tire as fast they can. Show guests, who can successfully complete either challenge in under 60 seconds, earn a prize. ❆ Jay Leno paid a visit to the show to choose his Big Dog Garage Pick-of-theShow. He stopped by the booth to try out the Spark Plug Challenge and was a great sport when I beat his time. 6 ACTION * May 2016 Sincerely, Andy Andy Fiffick

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