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Using 'lead magnet' social media posts to propel your business " Most businesses now use social media as a way to find, connect and build a relationship with their ideal clients," advises Melonie Dodaro, founder of Top Dog Social Media and author. "But once you've done that, then what? Certainly, great engagement within your online community is essential to a good social media strategy, but alone, it doesn't usually generate a lot of sales or other leads. To do that, you should be directing these ideal clients into your sales funnel, by including lead magnets in your online content." What is a lead magnet? Think of it as a solution targeting a very select group of your ideal clients and/or prospective clients. It provides value for them by using your expertise to solve a very specific problem in exchange for their opt-in. For example, you decide to target existing customers and their friends planning to purchase a new car equipped with an R-1234yf air conditioning system. In order to convince them to bring their service business to you instead of the dealer, you need to position yourself as ready and capable of continuing to service all their vehicles, now and into the future. Dodaro advises to create a social media post with a title that hooks their interest, a checklist to engage them, a short message promoting your expertise, and an opt-in for those wanting to learn more. Going back to our example, consider this: What new car owners need to know about their new A/C system Angie Kilbourne keep in mind these offers should provide for immediate response: "You'll be more successful with your lead magnet if you ensure that you provide them with immediate gratification, so it's best to stay away from using your newsletter or multi-day courses as a lead magnet," Dodaro adds. What is important is to highlight the point(s) that differentiate your shop from the competition and would be valuable enough to get people to opt-in. Once you've got this figured out, Dodaro advises to begin incorporating six elements in your lead magnet posts: ● Help solve a challenge or achieve something of value. ● Be very specific, giving opt-ins the idea the content is customized for them. ● Focus on one big takeaway or solution. ● Make it easy for your target audience to consume and opt-in to your message. ● Don't waste anyone's time. Provide exceptional value that is professional and meets or exceeds expectations. ● Build trust and establish your expertise, then invite questions and feedback you can leverage. The bottom line? People buy from people they know, like and trust. Integrating lead magnet posts into your social media mix is an effective way to establish your business as one customers and prospects should get to know, like and trust. ❆ I plan to buy my next new car in __2016 __2017 __2018 __2019 __ 2020 Your next brand new car will likely come equipped with an air conditioning system that uses the new R-1234yf refrigerant. R-1234yf is different from refrigerants in previous vehicles. It behaves differently, it's much more expensive, and there are some things our shop and you can do to get the benefits and value you expect. Join us in our customer lobby for this one-hour education session on [DATE] to learn what you need to know. Click here to register yourself and a friend to learn more about R-1234yf. What makes a lead magnet post more appealing than a run-ofthe-mill post is that it prompts those wanting information now to act in the way you direct, i.e., registering for the event. Even if they don't plan to buy a new vehicle for a year or two, you've still gained a meaningful contact for later follow up. Opt-in worthy Checklists aren't the only way to hook an audience. Try incorporating reports, resource lists, case studies and videos. But 16 ACTION * June 2016 Factoid: Facebook users drive significantly more referral traffic; Twitter users are more engaged. - Pew Research Center, "Long-form Shows Signs of Life in Our Mobile News World," September 2015.

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