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1. Cool Smoke® HP from Motorvac® The all-new Cool Smoke HP addresses the emerging need for leak detection in forced induction and other high pressure systems. Our proprietary technology requires no heat source to generate dense, UV dye-enhanced vapor from 3 psi up to an industry leading 60 psi. A sleek, lightweight design and an intuitive 3.5" color LCD display make the Cool Smoke HP user-friendly. Full digital controls deliver a level of precision not possible with analog gauges. Bluetooth capability and a companion app allow the Cool Smoke HP to be controlled via mobile device, giving users unrivaled versatility. The Cool Smoke HP also includes a turbo adapter kit and both bright white and true UV leak detection lights for full functionality right out of the box. Ask for item number 500-0150 - Cool Smoke HP. For more information, visit 2. EXTREMEly easy, EXTREMEly fast, EXTREMEly safe, EXTREMEly green from Errecom Corrosion and poorly welded joints cause leaks in mobile A/C systems. Errecom's EXTREME leak stop product is polymer free and visible when exposed to fluorescent light. Packaged in a convenient syringe for direct injection, EXTREME is effective for sealing holes up to 0.3mm. Extreme is safe for the recovery unit and compressor and reduces compressor noise. For more information visit 3. Ford refreshes collision parts truckload program Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) has added 34 new parts to its Collision Parts Truckload Program, while reducing list prices on those parts by an average of 11 percent. The additions include parts for the popular F-series, Edge, Fusion, Escape and Explorer vehicle lines. "For nearly 20 years, the Truckload Program has played an integral part in providing wholesaling dealers, dealer and independent collision repairers and insurance companies with highquality OE parts for the best possible repairs on our customers' vehicles." said George Gilbert, Truckload Program manager for FCSD. "The genuine OEM replacement parts sold on the program also enables Ford to continually help reduce both repair cycle time and overall collision repair costs-two more important factors for our body shops and insurance customers." 44 ACTION * June 2016 The 34 part additions include: five wheels, six grilles/GORs/GOPs, two radiators, two exterior lights, two valances, eight mirrors, two bumper bars, six fascia and one bracket. For more information on FCSD's Collision Parts Truckload Program, or for a list of the 600+ parts currently available, contact your local Ford or Lincoln collision parts wholesaling dealer or the Ford Collision Parts Hotline at the new email address: The Hotline is available to anyone searching for information about genuine Ford parts, the Collision Parts Truckload Program, or any other Ford collision parts program. 4. Behr Hella Service expands charge air cooler part numbers Behr Hella Service, a joint venture for thermal management between Behr (vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling) and HELLA (lighting technology and electronics) now has over 270 part numbers in its Charge Air Coolers & Oil Coolers for Passenger Cars brochure. The new brochure contains more than 10 new parts for charge air coolers, engine oil coolers, transmission coolers and steering coolers for the most popular European passenger cars. Behr Hella Service products are made to OE specs for vehicle specific fit, form, and function. The line includes radiators, condensers, fans - both HVAC & radiator, oil coolers, compressors, vacuum elements, pressure switches, PAO-Oil 68, receiver dryers, expansion valves, evaporators, Visco®-fans, heater cores, expansion tanks, Visco® clutches and more. The new brochure is available in a printed version as well as online. Additionally, all data is in ACES through Epicore and WHI. For more information, visit 5. Tracer offers tools for leak detection Tracer Products offers two tools for mobile A/C leak detection. First the TP-9360 PROAlert™ is a portable refrigerant leak detector that features high-performance, heated-diode sensor technology to accurately detect refrigerant leaks down to 0.25 oz per year (7 g/year). The PRO-Alert features dual-sensitivity controls-a high-sensitivity setting when initially checking the general leak area, and a low-sensitivity setting to hone in on the exact leak site. It is self-calibrating to neutralize background contamination, sensitive to both R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerants, and certified to meet SAE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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