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What you should know about A/C hose compatibility with R-1234yf patibility results. Obviously, not all veneer hose suppliers use the same nylon for the tube and it is important for suppliers to be able to demonstrate acceptable material compatibility performance. Barrier hose: In addition to the above, barrier hoses have also been a staple for R-134a systems. They, too, remain to be an excellent option for R1234yf systems. Although the rubber tube can protect the nylon from degradation, not all rubber materials are the same and certain rubber compounds have been identified as a potential risk when used with R1234yf. Because R-1234yf is an olefin, it can polymerize if certain conditions are present. There have been instances during material evaluations where exposure to combinations of rubber tube materials with R-1234yf + compressor oil has resulted in refrigerant polymerization. For this reason, rubber materials containing certain polymerization initiators, including peroxides, should be avoided. There are current acceptably-functioning R-134a hoses, which have been identified as suspect for use with R-1234yf because their peroxide curing system has demonstrated evidence of refrigerant polymerization. The SAE J2064 hose assembly standard has recently been separated into a hose standard (SAE J3062) and a hose assembly standard (SAE J2064). Only hoses meeting SAE J3062 shall be used in assemblies to achieve SAE J2064 certification. The SAE Internal Climate Control Component Committee is currently working on a proposal to include material compatibility testing requirements to the SAE J3062 hose standard. Acceptance criteria will confirm that the effect of the R-1234yf and oil on a hose tube material is acceptable. A proposal will also be discussed within acceptance criteria to confirm that, at A/C system operating conditions, hose tube materials coming in contact with R-1234yf can do so without polymerizing the refrigerant. The bottom line is: you should talk to your suppliers when choosing hoses for R-1234yf systems. Be sure to know whether or not your A/C hoses have been certified to SAE J3062 or SAE J2064. Have suppliers demonstrate that their hoses have been tested and that they are compatible with R1234yf. ❆ 24 ACTION * September/October 2016

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ACtion Magazine - September/October 2016
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What you should know about A/C hose compatibility with R-1234yf
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ACtion Magazine - September/October 2016