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Angie Kilbourne I Staying visible in times of change t's not as if your jobs aren't tough enough already. You bile search traffic. Which means if you haven't tested your are expected to stay up-to-date on the latest automo- site yet for its mobile-readiness, do it now at Google's tive technologies and repair methods in the industry. Mobile-Friendly Test page: You are expected to be marketing gurus and social media mobile-friendly/. mavens. And then you are expected If your site doesn't fare well in the to be website wizards and computer test results, it is likely time for you to ...if you haven't tested consider a redesign of your site with technology experts for your employees and your customers. So, it your site yet for its mo- a responsive or mobile-ready platform. should come as no surprise to you There are plenty to choose from, inbile-readiness, do it now! cluding open source (free) options that Google and Facebook have recently changed their algorithms and such as Wordpress and Joomla. If your just made your job a little tougher. site is mobile-friendly, then stop by Google's Developer pages and brush up on some tips to optimize your visitors' experiences and get the most out Google rewards mobile-ready In late April, Google updated its mobile search algo- of your search marketing efforts: rithm, and it completely changes how results are ordered webmasters/mobile-sites/mobile-seo/. when a search is initiated on a phone or other mobile device. We wrote about Google's move toward mobileFacebook's news feed gets tweaked friendly sites in March, and this just solidifies the search The second big change to hit small businesses this engine giant's position that mobile is the next big thing month is Facebook's update to the News Feed algorithm that's already here. that favors "friends" over "pages." Facebook explains the update as a move to provide users the content they want to see most. But for those of you who have worked diligently to build a presence on the social media platform, you have some challenges ahead to keep your posts, discussions and other promotions in front of your followers. " (Source: StatCounter, March 2015) There are three points to the News Feed update: According to Business Insider, about 60 percent of search traffic comes from mobile devices, and StatCounter logged Google with more than an 84 percent share of mo- 10 ACTION/NAPA * Spring 2016 1. Viewers will be able to see multiple, consecutive posts from the same content creator on their News Feeds. Previously, this was not allowed. 2. Updates from friends will rank higher than from Pages, although Facebook has acknowledged this has to be a customized balance for each user. Some people like engaging and interacting with brands and companies, so each person's personal use will factor into how high Pages will rank in a specific News Feed. 3. Finally, interactions a friend has with a brand will rank lower on a person's News Feed than they have in the past. This was one of the bigger user complaints Facebook is trying to fix with this update. So what can you do to keep your content in front of your customers? Work hard to contribute "meaningful" content to your Facebook page - stuff that people find interesting, entertaining or enlightening. Not sure what that is? Visit Facebook's Best Practices page: business/a/page-posting-tips. That's a good place to start, and next month, we'll look at more strategies to keep you top of mind - and page - with your followers. ❆

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ACtion Magazine - NAPA - Spring 2016
Watching yf
A/C Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Staying visible in times of change
The compressor is not just a component
Restricted air flow
Externally Controlled variable displacement
A new Jeep
Increasing Facebook interactions
Mission possible
R-1234yf and other trends

ACtion Magazine - NAPA - Spring 2016