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Restricted air flow M ACS member Gordon Marks of Marks Air Inc. in Tampa, Florida sees a lot of business in his bays during the summer months. He shared these photos of a job where the customer was complaining about restricted air flow in his 2005 Ford truck. The evaporator was full of the type of leaves (live oak) you see in the picture and was also leaking. Restricted air flow, indeed. Marks Air Hay is for horses, not evaporators Cabin air filter clogged with hay. Marks Air It's probably a good bet you've never seen an A/C system in this condition. When the technician set out to work on this 2005 International 4200 truck, they discovered there was considerable restriction to the airflow. It turns out the truck is used at a race track in the stable area where considerable hay and horse bedding is constantly flying around. What to do? MACS Member Caroline Acebedo of Marks Air tells us, "The customer had no idea that there was a cabin air filter in the truck. The way this International is designed, when the A/C is turned off, the outside air door opens. Due to this customer's environment, we chose to replace the filter, clean the evaporator and case, and then unplug the outside air motor to prevent the horse bedding material from dropping down into the evaporator case again." ❆ Marks Air Marks Air Location of air intake. Air flow was poor in this Ranger pick up truck. A look down inside the intake plenum. Spring 2016 * ACTION/NAPA 15

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ACtion Magazine - NAPA - Spring 2016
Watching yf
A/C Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Staying visible in times of change
The compressor is not just a component
Restricted air flow
Externally Controlled variable displacement
A new Jeep
Increasing Facebook interactions
Mission possible
R-1234yf and other trends

ACtion Magazine - NAPA - Spring 2016