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Increasing Facebook interactions Angie Kilbourne How many of your business' Facebook fans actually take time to interact with your page? The key to greater visibility is getting those fans to talk with you, laugh with you and ultimately, connect. Y ou've spent precious time and resources creating a Facebook page for your business and marketed it heavily, garnering a following of loyal customers. You post regularly and do your best to educate the public about vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as our industry. And yet, you continue to feel like the conversation is completely one-sided. It's as if you were talking to yourself. It shouldn't be so hard to get people to notice your posts and leave a comment ... or at least "Like" the post, should it? 71% of online U.S. adults use Facebook. Seniors age 65 and older are Facebook's fastest growing demographic. - Pew Research Center, Social Media Update 2015 study, Jan. 9, 2015 24 ACTION/NAPA * Spring 2016 If you are experiencing these feelings of being alone in the Facebook world, take heart. There are strategies for getting the attention of your followers. Let's take a look at a few. 1. Photos and videos don't always have to be about auto repair. Try sharing something interesting about local events or news that will get people smiling and hitting that like button. For example, congratulate the local sports team on their latest victory. Thank the employee of another local business for giving you great customer service. Post a video of you falling into the lake while fishing. Anything that will bring a smile to people's faces and give them a reason to say, "Yes, I agree, and I'll give you a like for that." But remember, photos and videos get an average of 39 percent more engagement than posts without visuals. So include a photo or video when you can, even if it is about vehicle repair. 2. Save your posting for Thursdays, Fridays or weekends. According to a Buddymedia study, nearly 86 percent of Facebook posts are published Monday through Friday, but the highest engagement rates come Thursday through Sunday. The best engagement days are actually Thursday and Friday, where rates increase 18 percent over other days of the week. Why? Experts surmise that interaction on Facebook increases as people become less interested in working. 3. Feature your fans and customers. Say happy birthday, thank them for their business or just give a shout-out to some of your best and most loyal customers and fans. Feature them picking up their vehicles from your shop, and giving the thumbs up as they drive away. Tagging them in the photo you post gives you exposure not only with them, but all their friends and family on Facebook, too. 4. Ask a question. According to social media experts Kissmetrics and Hubspot, question posts get 100 percent more comments than standard text-only posts. However, they also get fewer shares and likes, so there is a trade-off. But there's nothing wrong with asking a great question. Hubspot's data points out the words that attract more comments - should, would, which and who - leading some to believe that the more closed a question is, the more readily someone will answer it. 5. Ask your fans to Like, Share and Comment. It may sound too simple, but studies show that just asking your fans to Like, Share or Comment on your content prompts them enough to actually do it. Kissmetrics points out that these calls to action can be as simple as "Like this if you ..." or "Comment if you ..." ❆

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ACtion Magazine - NAPA - Spring 2016
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A/C Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Staying visible in times of change
The compressor is not just a component
Restricted air flow
Externally Controlled variable displacement
A new Jeep
Increasing Facebook interactions
Mission possible
R-1234yf and other trends

ACtion Magazine - NAPA - Spring 2016